As we go through the series of “MINEFIELDS” in life, Pastor Peter’s message impressed upon me that in whatever we do we are free to choose our actions but we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.

Credits to the CCF Chronicles:

There are plenty of minefields the enemy spread out in this world to disable and destroy us. But when we are with Jesus and when we walk by the Spirit, we are surely navigating the right path. God will keep us away from troubles that lead to undesirable outcomes. 

Poor choices don’t just rob us of material things and worldly significance. When we sow to our own flesh, we reap corruption – an inner decay that targets our souls. On the other hand, when we sow to the Spirit, we reap eternal life. The Bible clearly warns us not to give in to our personal desires but rather seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And when we decide according to the Spirit, we truly show the world that we are indeed followers of Jesus. It is an evidence of our faith. 

While it’s true that experience teaches us valuable lessons, we don’t need to step in every situation just so we could become wiser in life. The Bible is the most reliable source of wisdom as it holds stories and teachings passed on to us by great people of God. It tells us not to deceive ourselves because we cannot mock God and that in every choice we sow, we reap a consequence (Galatians 6:7).

Don’t learn the hard way. Listen to the Lord. He certainly knows the right path that brings peace in our lives and eternal rewards that we are to harvest in His time.



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