Thanks be to GOD! 

I am now one step closer to being a regular employee in my current company. Hard work, pays off. I had my employee evaluation yesterday with our boss and I am so thankful and happy to hear such positive feedback. Well, it doesn’t end there rather it will just be the beginning of a more challenging and interesting journey with them.

Being a regular employee entails a lot of responsibilities either for myself or for the company. I need to do even better now and excellently carry on with my job. There are some areas I need to improve on and it was given emphasis during the evaluation interview. On that note, I couldn’t agree more with my boss. It would be to my advantage if I will be able to work on it successfully. It is a good opportunity for self-improvement and the like.

I am actually in the limelight and everyone will be watching me closely especially that I will be working with a team now. The pressure might just as well be on my shoulder but I think I can stand it. I won’t let my team down. We can work together and rock other teams. I am a good team player and I can handle challenges that may be thrown at me. My team leader is a good man and I have faith in him. I know that we can work together harmoniously.

Good luck to me as I embark on a new journey again!


“Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius


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