Commuting to and fro house and work is a vital part of my everyday life. Be it by the train, the bus, the PUV or tricycle. I always try to doze off when traveling but in moments that I am wide awake I have the chance to see and observe the things happening around me. This morning was just a typical day. I was just about to find my comfortable position to doze off when I was suddenly startled by the loud honking of the car in front of us. We were in a pedestrian crossing and I saw that there was a man walking slowly toward the other side of the road. First, I thought that perhaps the driver of the car ahead of us is in a hurry and doesn’t want to be delayed that’s why he keeps his horn blowing steadily. Then, in my mind, I was castigating the man to be walking slowly in the middle of traffic. He should have crossed hurriedly to avoid such embarrassing situation. He should have been mindful of his surrounding and what other people might feel about it. What if he got into an accident? That would really be disastrous. After that, when the man finally reached the other side I realized that he was BLIND! What a shame for thinking bad about him! I really felt ashamed of what I’ve done even though, I only had it in my mind. I don’t know if the driver realized the same thing. He had a clearer vision of him than me. If he did, shame on him, too! That was way insensitive to treat a person with a disability. Why not be patient and let the man cross safely? It will not take forever to do so. I didn’t dare imagine how the blind man felt at that moment. It could have been awful. Blind pedestrians are always at risk on the perils while getting around on foot. These people would still want to maintain high-level of independence. However, if we will act in such manners that may be degrading for them, it will somehow shatter their confidence and not only that, there might also be a psychological effect on them. And we don’t want that to happen to them, I guess. Motorists should be aware of blind pedestrians and help them keep safe. They need the support from us for them to live a normal life. 

Anyhow, there are times that we really care less or we actually don’t give a damn about other things or of other people around us as we become so wrapped up in our own little world. We forget to even show a little kindness and compassion to people who are in an unfortunate situation. It is our human nature to conclude right away (just what I have done) but I hope that we pay more attention to what is happening around us and not drastically judge something we don’t clearly understand. Let us be concerned and be involved in making a difference. Let us influence one another in an uplifting manner. A small act of kindness to others will always bring positivity and joy. 


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.  – Mark Twain


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