The Journey to Becoming Debt-free


It is heartbreaking to think that after all these years I still haven’t successfully manage my finances. I still have some overdue debts and I’m still trying to pay them all off which in turn take up a hefty amount of my salary and what’s left isn’t enough to even cover our basic expenses at home.

It saddened me even more that I have to make a loan again just to make ends meet. This is absolutely dreadful. Every time I think of ways to overcome this sickening cycle of my life, I felt an overwhelming pressure boiling down inside me that I do not know what to do anymore. It is stressing me out and it is driving me nuts!

I have been applying some ways on how to deal with this but obviously, I am not successful in doing so. I am already considering of consulting a financial adviser to help me go through the root of this dilemma. I believe that a professional help can give me valuable insights to enable me to become debt-free. I know that it will not be a piece of cake but I think it will be worth the try.

Moreover, I need to do the initiative and look for numerous possibilities to resolve and surpass any difficulties in life. I always try to think positively but sometimes given the situation that I am in, I couldn’t help but feel helpless and hopeless at the same time. I am just trying to be brave so as not to lose my will to keep on trying. To keep on hoping that this will be over soon.

I hope and pray that this journey will not take forever.


“Debt is the worst poverty” – Thomas Fuller



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