A Father’s Day Gift


My older daughter who is now 16 years old is back home. She had been away from home for about 7 months. It was an awakening experience for her and now she had come to realize that there is no place like home and with her family. I hope that she really learned her lessons and will not drift off again from us. We are thankful that she is now with us again. Even though my husband is not very vocal about his feelings, I know that he is equally thankful of the turn of events. 

And as it was Father’s Day yesterday, my daughters had the chance to let their father know how grateful they are to him and that they love him no matter what. He may not be the perfect father but nonetheless, he is a good one.

While watching TV last night, I didn’t realize that I had already fallen asleep. I am supposed to cook for dinner but I wasn’t able to. When my daughters saw me sleeping peacefully on the couch, they took charge in the kitchen. They had prepared and cooked our dinner. It was also their way of treating their father for a simple yet scrumptious dish. I was surprised when they finally woke me up. The table was set and the food looked inviting that my stomach growled. We waited for their father to arrive and we all ate delightfully and had our fill. He complimented about the food and the girls were thrilled about it. It was a gift that was well received with appreciation and love.


“Above, children need our unconditional love, whether they succeed or make mistakes; when life is easy and when life is tough.”  -President Barack Obama


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