As we go about our busy days, it is such a great relief to get away some time. It may not be a grand holiday but just a special day of the week to escape from the rowdiness that happened all throughout. And for me, nothing beats Sunday as it is my most favorite and special day wherein I can really get lazy at some point. Life is filled with simple pleasures that we do not really anticipate but always find great delight in our own unique way.

Here is my list of my top 7 satisfying simple pleasures as we celebrate the gifts of life.

1. Stay and snuggle in bed on Sundays– It is a great delight for me to stay in bed longer than usual days over the fact that I do not have to rush to prepare to work. It is so nice to have that extra time to cuddle with my hubby.

2. Enjoy my morning brew– coffee is my day starter. I can enjoy its aroma and slowly sip its creaminess until it awakens all my senses.

3. Bask in the morning rays– go for a jog or a walk to sweat away those extra pounds. It feels good to be out under the sun after missing it for several days as I work on the PM shift. On weekdays, I normally get up at around noon so there is no time for me to say “Hi” to Mr. Sun for that D vitamin our body needs.

4. Get charmed of the sweet smiles of my daughters and their bantering– they always love to have me at home and there is no place I would rather be.

5. Curling up with a book and finding a quiet hour to read– I always love books and I always try to find a good read to lift up my mood.

6. The smell of home cooked meals– my hubby is our kitchen master and we always love to see him in action. Our stomach is always satisfied.

7. Enjoy listening to the tune of the timeless country, pop and dance music– Mornings had never been this so good. I wish that it would always be Sunday morning so we can always enjoy moments like this.

However, I just have to savor every moment of it as time flies so fast. These are simple indulgences that don’t cost a penny and that I always look forward to as we celebrate life’s little luxuries.

How about you? What are your simple pleasures in life?


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