It Wasn’t So Bad After All


By the end of November last year, I (and some of my coworkers) had been dismissed by the company I worked for 7 years of my life. It was only a days notice and we weren’t given any chance to plea for reconsideration especially that it was almost Christmas season. We didn’t even have the chance to prepare ourselves for the sudden turnaround. It was definitely at the height of inhuman atrocity. We were left being jobless in no time at all and without any basis as to why we had been unluckily dismissed from our jobs. I was so heartbroken when I first gets wind of it. I understood that the company was not in good status but I still believe that it can somehow survive in the competitive industry that we are in. Apparently, our boss doesn’t seem to think that we are as valuable as any other monetary and material assets of the company. He is one of the meanest and heartless persons that I know. He never treated us with high regard for our contributions to the success of the company in the past years. To put it in a nutshell, it’s all about making money and profit and he cares less of the people who stood by him through thick and thin. And it’s really a shame!

Months ago, I had written about the unsettling situation in our company. And I should have listened to my intuition to get going while the going was good when things started to become a revolving door. However, I opted to stay, thinking that everything will again become stable and we will be holding much consideration and bearing on them since we had been in the company for years. We stayed loyal despite the grave situation which in turn lead us to our own downfall. And it was painful and sad to leave what once been our second home but we have no other choice but to let it go.

As I mentioned from my post before, change is the only constant in this world. I may have feared of what my life will be once I get out of that company yet I realized that it wasn’t so bad after all. The strange thing was that I was even more excited to explore what is in store for me out in the open. I can’t wait to spread my wings and soar all the opportunities waiting for me. It was liberating to know that I have the upper hand to decide on which way to go.

I never wasted time in sulking after what happened. After a few days of planning and thinking on my next game plan, I started to play my cards thoughtfully. And my effort was rewarded with something I didn’t expect to come too soon. I got hired in another educational company and I am now working as one of their ESL Teachers for Taiwanese/Chinese students. This is precisely another experience for me to look forward to.

So before the year ended, I still get fortunate enough to land an even better company. I feel blessed that my year 2016 didn’t end so bad at all. Many lessons and experiences learned and will be remembered from last year and I am looking forward to more exciting things ahead this year 2017. Let’s bring it on!

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S Lewis


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