Today, a very special friend will arrive from other country to settle some business transactions with his partners. It’s over 10 years that we haven’t seen each other and I am really looking forward to seeing him again. We talked over the phone a few days ago and he told me that he will see me this time. This is not his first time to come back home yet on his recent trip, we haven’t had the chance to meet due to his hectic schedule. He also spent time with his family so I really don’t want to be such a burden to him to have me squeezed into his busy schedule. The family is more important and besides I can still wait for the right time for us to finally meet. I do hope that the right moment will be now. I really want to see him personally and to have some time to catch up on each others lives. Having a communication online is not so fulfilling unlike if you are communicating face-to-face. You can see and observe the reactions and emotion that could be elicited from the person you are interacting with in real time. I want us to have that quiet and undivided conversation. Just him and I. It is pretty uncertain if he could see me this time and I have nothing else to do but to patiently wait for the uncertain to happen. I believe in his promise and I know that he doesn’t go back on his words.