With my hectic schedule at work, I am almost away from home most of the time. When I left home, my children have left for school already and we only have a few hours to be together in the day. And at night, when I arrived from work, they are soundly asleep. We really couldn’t have a decent time to spend with on workdays. My only consolation is that I can spend the whole day with them on my rest day ( that is, only every Sunday). On those times, we can spend time all together in some family activities. It could be a simple indoor or outdoor activity, importantly everyone can interact actively with each other. We play board games and ball games. We sing in a karaoke (even if we are out of tune except for my husband 😀 ). We go to the mall for window shopping or other times to go shopping. We go to the park or the zoo. We cook some special dish for the family. We watch movies on rental. And sometimes, we go to visit our family and relatives. These are just some of the activities we love doing when we have the time and I always make sure that I can spend some quality time with my family despite being a working mom.

Sometimes, for this reason, that I couldn’t help to say some promises to appease them especially if my children are asking something that requires time and money. I do not have the resources to just give in to their whims and caprices. So instead, we usually agree on a deal so they would be able to get what they ask for. I realized that children are very attentive and have a sharp retention when they are promised of something.

I once remember my son, who is quite importunate when he wants something, that I promised him to give what he was asking from me after a week. For me, what he was asking for was not of utmost important. It was only a thing that he can show off to his friends and something to boast about which I really do not like him of doing. With peer pressure, sometimes our children could be irrational. If not guided accordingly, they might do something that we cannot be proud of. Peer pressure is a silent enemy among youngsters and parents should be observant enough if their children have already been a victim of this. Many untoward circumstances happen when they are caught up in this mess. Yet this is not just youngsters problem but even adults are also affected with this. To make the story short, I did not take our deal seriously. And when the time comes for him to claim what was promised, I take him out for a walk and we had a talk about it. Afterwards, even if he was heartbroken because he didn’t get his expectation yet he understood completely that his motive and purpose for acquiring such thing was not right. I told him that we should not be prevailed over by our wants rather we should consider the relevance as such. We had agreed on something different though because he still insists that I did promise him. So to keep my promise, we had dined out for a special dinner to treat him for his obedience and understanding.

Keeping our promises to our children is equally important as taking a vow. Once said, we should not go against our words or it will backfire to us. We should keep ours so they would keep theirs as well.

“Don’t make a promise you cannot keep and don’t say something unless you mean it.” – Unknown


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