Beautiful Distraction

beautiful distraction


I get into a relationship at a very young age. I was in the first year in high school when I met my first and only boyfriend who happens to be my husband now. We are both active academically and with some extracurricular activities. We often participate in school events and sometimes we are even competing with each other. I was one of the contenders for any inter-division and regional competition in declamation, oratorical, and extemporaneous speaking contest. I had gotten several awards, merit, and participation certificates. I was also the Cheerleader in the cheering squad of our year level and won second place in my first year and first place in my second year in high school. Meanwhile, my then boyfriend was also into sports so he was among the athletes in our school. He was into all types of ball games, running, boxing and taekwondo, though, he didn’t compete for martial arts. We are a great team and we are great partners as well. Being the leaders of our own team, our classmates and schoolmates look up to us. Many admired our good performances. On our second year, We even bagged as the over-all champion in one of our school sports activities.

From working as a team and partners, we were able to develop and cultivate a good friendship until such time that we eventually became as sweethearts. Many were thrilled, others were appalled when the real score between us was divulged by one of our friends that it spread like wildfire in our school and neighborhood. I received a lot of criticism from others but at that time, I don’t give a damn what others say. As long as we are not doing anything wrong, we know our limitation, we tried to responsibly keep our relationship pure. My parents did not oppose to our relationship. He was even welcomed to our home so he can visit me. It was also a way of my parents to prevent us from sneaking out just to see each other. At least, when we were at home, my Mom could always check on us. And I think it was a clever idea.

He was accepted and treated as a family. Even my younger siblings liked him. He is such a charming guy and could easily get along well with people. I was inspired in my studies and I exerted more effort to excel in class to prove others that having/getting in a relationship is not a hindrance nor a distraction to my studies. I would rather call it a beautiful distraction. But of course, our situation was not a bed of roses. We encountered a lot of hardships, heartaches and challenges along the way before we get to the next stage of our relationship which also has its own story.

I recalled those times as I was mulling over on my children’s getting into this kind of circumstance. I couldn’t imagine how would I react if they will start entertaining such acts but I know that sometimes the inevitable happens. I am worried and scared that they may go out of the way and will end up having a disastrous life. Teenagers nowadays are even more aggressive and stubborn. And all I can do is to guide them throughout in their growing up years. I always instruct advise and warn them about this matter. Even if I survived that phase of my life, I do not want them to experience the same things that happened before. I want them to focus and set their priorities and goals first before they ever consider of being involve in heart issues. It will break my heart to witness their disappointments and heartaches.

I am sharing this not to encourage the young people to engage in premature romantic relationships but rather to encourage them to enjoy their teenage years. This is something that can wait for the right time, at the right place, with the right person and the right circumstance. But if you ever get into this situation, remember that romantic disappointments are a chance to learn about what really matters. Don’t let it ruin your life. Adversity brings out the best in us. Let not your heart rule over your mind. May it not be a desolation of yourself instead makes it a beautiful distraction to be inspired in achieving your aspirations in life.


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