I had just finished reading the book Power of a Praying Parents by Stormie Omartian and I learned a lot of great insights from this book and this is really helpful for a mother like me.

I admit I am not a prayerful person. I oftentimes drift off in my praying habit but praying time need not be set aside or abandoned. It is the manna of our soul. Prayers work wonders in many ways. And praying continuously for our children is utterly essential as they grow older. As parents, interceding our children’s lives in prayer is the best thing that we can offer for them.

My youngest child, Yvonne, is such a charming and sweet girl. She’s mature in her age of 12. If Hubby is not around, she would take care of herself in going to school as I am still sleeping until noon since I usually go home at around 2 am from work. I would wake up just to make sure that she and her sister had eaten, readied their things and are all set to school then I will eventually doze off again. She would leave me a note saying: “Take care of yourself, Mama. I love you”; “There is still a viand for you. Please don’t skip your meal”; or “I miss you, Mama”. Hearty messages that always melts my heart. Before going to bed she would always pray for everyone in our family. And I often hear her pray for me. She is very open and directly honest and intentional in her prayer requests that I get ashamed of myself because sometimes I miss praying that way. I taught them before to pray to God every time for anything and they can pour out their thoughts, requests and desires openly to Him. Prayer time is like talking with our Heavenly Father so they can tell Him anything and everything in their minds and hearts. And this is just what my daughter does.

I didn’t realize that I have impressed upon her to have this intimate moment with God. This is a reminder for us, adults, to be faithful in our praying habit. Just as we taught our children to be prayerful, we must always do our part. We must always pray for our children.


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