With my hectic schedule at work, I am almost away from home most of the time. When I left home, my children have left for school already and we only have a few hours to be together in the day. And at night, when I arrived from work, they are soundly asleep. We really couldn’t have a decent time to spend with on workdays. My only consolation is that I can spend the whole day with them on my rest day ( that is, only every Sunday). On those times, we can spend time all together in some family activities. It could be a simple indoor or outdoor activity, importantly everyone can interact actively with each other. We play board games and ball games. We sing in a karaoke (even if we are out of tune except for my husband 😀 ). We go to the mall for window shopping or other times to go shopping. We go to the park or the zoo. We cook some special dish for the family. We watch movies on rental. And sometimes, we go to visit our family and relatives. These are just some of the activities we love doing when we have the time and I always make sure that I can spend some quality time with my family despite being a working mom.

Sometimes, for this reason, that I couldn’t help to say some promises to appease them especially if my children are asking something that requires time and money. I do not have the resources to just give in to their whims and caprices. So instead, we usually agree on a deal so they would be able to get what they ask for. I realized that children are very attentive and have a sharp retention when they are promised of something.

I once remember my son, who is quite importunate when he wants something, that I promised him to give what he was asking from me after a week. For me, what he was asking for was not of utmost important. It was only a thing that he can show off to his friends and something to boast about which I really do not like him of doing. With peer pressure, sometimes our children could be irrational. If not guided accordingly, they might do something that we cannot be proud of. Peer pressure is a silent enemy among youngsters and parents should be observant enough if their children have already been a victim of this. Many untoward circumstances happen when they are caught up in this mess. Yet this is not just youngsters problem but even adults are also affected with this. To make the story short, I did not take our deal seriously. And when the time comes for him to claim what was promised, I take him out for a walk and we had a talk about it. Afterwards, even if he was heartbroken because he didn’t get his expectation yet he understood completely that his motive and purpose for acquiring such thing was not right. I told him that we should not be prevailed over by our wants rather we should consider the relevance as such. We had agreed on something different though because he still insists that I did promise him. So to keep my promise, we had dined out for a special dinner to treat him for his obedience and understanding.

Keeping our promises to our children is equally important as taking a vow. Once said, we should not go against our words or it will backfire to us. We should keep ours so they would keep theirs as well.

“Don’t make a promise you cannot keep and don’t say something unless you mean it.” – Unknown



It’s summer time once again! This is the best time to hit up the beaches. It is always refreshing to take a plunge in the cool blue-green water especially if we are with our loved ones for a holiday. Sometimes, at the height of our enjoyment, accidents do happen. Last week, I have read an article how a supposed family outing end up tragically when 5 of its members drowned while swimming. According to the article, they got stuck in the strong currents. Many have shared the same fate unaware of rip currents that may be the cause of their deaths. But of course, there could also be other reasons and factors that contribute that ill-fated circumstance. In the US, more than 100 beachgoers drown in these strong rushes of water that pull swimmers away from the shore. So just to keep safe while swimming at sea, I just want to share this with everyone. This way you might save not just your own life, but others as well. 

To know more about rip currents, read here and share the information with your family, relatives, friends, and everyone. Let us spread the word and be safe while enjoying this summer season.

Beautiful Distraction

beautiful distraction


I get into a relationship at a very young age. I was in the first year in high school when I met my first and only boyfriend who happens to be my husband now. We are both active academically and with some extracurricular activities. We often participate in school events and sometimes we are even competing with each other. I was one of the contenders for any inter-division and regional competition in declamation, oratorical, and extemporaneous speaking contest. I had gotten several awards, merit, and participation certificates. I was also the Cheerleader in the cheering squad of our year level and won second place in my first year and first place in my second year in high school. Meanwhile, my then boyfriend was also into sports so he was among the athletes in our school. He was into all types of ball games, running, boxing and taekwondo, though, he didn’t compete for martial arts. We are a great team and we are great partners as well. Being the leaders of our own team, our classmates and schoolmates look up to us. Many admired our good performances. On our second year, We even bagged as the over-all champion in one of our school sports activities.

From working as a team and partners, we were able to develop and cultivate a good friendship until such time that we eventually became as sweethearts. Many were thrilled, others were appalled when the real score between us was divulged by one of our friends that it spread like wildfire in our school and neighborhood. I received a lot of criticism from others but at that time, I don’t give a damn what others say. As long as we are not doing anything wrong, we know our limitation, we tried to responsibly keep our relationship pure. My parents did not oppose to our relationship. He was even welcomed to our home so he can visit me. It was also a way of my parents to prevent us from sneaking out just to see each other. At least, when we were at home, my Mom could always check on us. And I think it was a clever idea.

He was accepted and treated as a family. Even my younger siblings liked him. He is such a charming guy and could easily get along well with people. I was inspired in my studies and I exerted more effort to excel in class to prove others that having/getting in a relationship is not a hindrance nor a distraction to my studies. I would rather call it a beautiful distraction. But of course, our situation was not a bed of roses. We encountered a lot of hardships, heartaches and challenges along the way before we get to the next stage of our relationship which also has its own story.

I recalled those times as I was mulling over on my children’s getting into this kind of circumstance. I couldn’t imagine how would I react if they will start entertaining such acts but I know that sometimes the inevitable happens. I am worried and scared that they may go out of the way and will end up having a disastrous life. Teenagers nowadays are even more aggressive and stubborn. And all I can do is to guide them throughout in their growing up years. I always instruct advise and warn them about this matter. Even if I survived that phase of my life, I do not want them to experience the same things that happened before. I want them to focus and set their priorities and goals first before they ever consider of being involve in heart issues. It will break my heart to witness their disappointments and heartaches.

I am sharing this not to encourage the young people to engage in premature romantic relationships but rather to encourage them to enjoy their teenage years. This is something that can wait for the right time, at the right place, with the right person and the right circumstance. But if you ever get into this situation, remember that romantic disappointments are a chance to learn about what really matters. Don’t let it ruin your life. Adversity brings out the best in us. Let not your heart rule over your mind. May it not be a desolation of yourself instead makes it a beautiful distraction to be inspired in achieving your aspirations in life.

The Fisherman’s Testament


This book has long been sitting in my sister’s nook and I just got interested to read it when my daughter had her book review project in school a week ago. She asked me to help her in polishing her project and I was caught up in its historical, cultural, and biblical details that show up throughout. This book is absolutely a great read.

I highly recommend this book to those who are looking for such a good pick to kill the time in this long holiday in the observance of the Lenten season.

Be inspired by the story of Marcus Junius Vitalis, a Roman military general, who has come to terms with the story of Jesus. He has embraced the story Peter shared wholeheartedly and has himself become a follower of Jesus Christ.



I had just finished reading the book Power of a Praying Parents by Stormie Omartian and I learned a lot of great insights from this book and this is really helpful for a mother like me.

I admit I am not a prayerful person. I oftentimes drift off in my praying habit but praying time need not be set aside or abandoned. It is the manna of our soul. Prayers work wonders in many ways. And praying continuously for our children is utterly essential as they grow older. As parents, interceding our children’s lives in prayer is the best thing that we can offer for them.

My youngest child, Yvonne, is such a charming and sweet girl. She’s mature in her age of 12. If Hubby is not around, she would take care of herself in going to school as I am still sleeping until noon since I usually go home at around 2 am from work. I would wake up just to make sure that she and her sister had eaten, readied their things and are all set to school then I will eventually doze off again. She would leave me a note saying: “Take care of yourself, Mama. I love you”; “There is still a viand for you. Please don’t skip your meal”; or “I miss you, Mama”. Hearty messages that always melts my heart. Before going to bed she would always pray for everyone in our family. And I often hear her pray for me. She is very open and directly honest and intentional in her prayer requests that I get ashamed of myself because sometimes I miss praying that way. I taught them before to pray to God every time for anything and they can pour out their thoughts, requests and desires openly to Him. Prayer time is like talking with our Heavenly Father so they can tell Him anything and everything in their minds and hearts. And this is just what my daughter does.

I didn’t realize that I have impressed upon her to have this intimate moment with God. This is a reminder for us, adults, to be faithful in our praying habit. Just as we taught our children to be prayerful, we must always do our part. We must always pray for our children.