Thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity are just ones of the characteristics that draw me close to people. Simple gestures of wishing you well on your work day, on your weekend or just any day; to extend you with warm smiles and hugs; to bring and present you with a simple yet touching token of appreciation indeed makes my heart swelled with wonder and love. I don’t expect for people to return favor to favor. I just want to help them in as best as I could. I do things on my own accord without expecting something in return. I think, the adage is true that says, “what you sow is what you reap”. When you sow kindness to others, you will reap the same from them. It is something that when given away, you end up having more.

Sometimes, we just have to be careful so as not to be taken advantage of. In everything, there is a limitation. There is nothing wrong to say “no” when the circumstance called us to do so. We shouldn’t compromise ourselves, our beliefs, and our credibility just to please others. We also need to protect ourselves from unscrupulous people so we won’t be victimized of their selfish schemes.

Be kind and spread love today and always.


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