I am fascinated with music so do my daughters but unfortunately, I am not among those who have the gift to sing. Even if that was the case, it didn’t hinder me to still love listening to it. Last Sunday, on our way to attend the worship service in the church, we happened to arrive earlier than the scheduled worship service. To kill the time, we wandered around the mall and we found out that there was a live concert at the event hall. It was a recital of the students from Voice Power Philippines and we decided to watch the show first. The performers sang and danced to the tune of popular 2015 music that made the audience to sing along and others even danced on the aisles. It was spectacular and a well-prepared performance and I’m sure that the production team, coaches and performers alike are all proud for such a superb and memorable show. I hope that those kids will have a bright future and find their spot in the limelight in the ever competitive world of music.

Moreover, with our hearts still filled with delight and wonder, we had our first encounter with God for the year. It was the first Sunday of the month and year, so it was rightful to offer our time to God in prayer, praise and worship. I was blessed with the message of the day which dealt about past regrets. It was a chance for me to contemplate on my own experience if there is still something that impedes in my walk with the Lord. Truly, we have our past regrets, pain, frustrations, etc. that barred us from moving forward. We have to uproot and acknowledge where it was all coming from and relinquished from its bondage that caused us to be trapped to where we are right now. Sometimes, we unconsciously do not discern the existence of such things in our lives but if we dig deeper into every aspect of our lives, we will understand that somehow there are matters in the past that holding us back to really move on. Only through confrontation, acceptance and forgiveness that we can completely free ourselves from all the hurtful things and regrets that we have. By the power, grace and love of our almighty God, we can find peace.

starting off freedom

This is a time for a new beginning. A fresh start to do whatever we missed from the last year. Now is our chance to do something differently from before. Keep moving forward!



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