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2015 is almost over and a new year is coming our way which is always accompanied with New Year resolutions that are starting to flood my news feed. This time, I want to do something different from the mainstream media. Before the year ends, I would like to share my travel experiences in the past seven years. These are my adventures either with family, friends and colleagues and I will let you have a glimpse of my travel experiences. I love to travel and I really hope that I could visit other places in my home country soon.

Here is the list of the places I have been to:

– Sometime in 2008 during a Prayer and Fasting event in my church that I set foot on this 18-hectare farm. The event was a part of a recovery program I belonged to. With its serene surroundings, this is just a great place to escape the chaos and pollution of the city, to de-stress, to enjoy nature and to be revitalized and be refreshed.


2. TAGAYTAY (2009)
– Summer of 2009 that I and my siblings first came here. Our first stop was at Palace in the Sky where we had our lunch and our first glimpse of the marvelous Taal Volcano. Afterward, we headed to Tagaytay Picnic Grove to relax and enjoy its cool and breezy climate. We enjoyed sightseeing and going through all the souvenir shops, tried the famous Bulalo and came home with some of its famous delicacies.

The second time around was February of 2013 together with my colleagues where in we bonded with each other on our first out of town trip.


– Our school environmental education field trip was held here. We relished the different attractions and learned many things from their Eco-Smart Programs. One of a kind experience not only filled with fun and enjoyment but also with new discoveries, knowledge and ideas about our environment.

Ocean Adventure

– On our way to Baguio City, we dropped by here to see the incredible group of islands, a pride of Pangasinenses. Our tour was highlighted with sunrise watching, island hopping, boating, snorkeling and of course swimming. Awesome scenery delighted our senses and was captured in the film.

hundred islands

– Named as the summer capital of the Philippines, this place is notable as well for its rich cultural and traditional heritage. We had an overnight accommodation and we had ample time to go to its popular destinations. I and my classmates/schoolmates went to Baguio Cathedral and SM Baguio before we retire for the night. In the morning of the next day, after our delicious and nutritious breakfast at the hotel, we headed to Strawberry Farm where we experienced to pick strawberries. It was then followed on a tour at Philippine Military Academy, Camp John Hay, Baguio Botanical Garden, The Mansion, Burnham Park, and Mines View Park. Many tourists from different parts of the country and even from other countries flocked the city all year round.


– The white sand invasion! It was still off-season so the place was not too crowded yet compared to peak season when we visited here. Though there was already a handful of tourists even in that time of year, yet we were able to really enjoy the magnificence and grandeur of the island. There is no shortage of activities in this island paradise. You can indulge yourself in aqua sports and activities, luxurious massage, healthy food, sightseeing or simply relax by soaking up some rays and lounge around on the white sand that made it famous and be mesmerized of the view of the sea. I experienced one of the beautiful sunrises here. The island was also teeming with nightlife. If you love the nightlife, this is just the place to be. This is world’s top destination for relaxation. I promised to be back, here again, sometime.


– We were looking for some adventure and it was just the right time for some adrenaline rush for me and my colleagues. The Enchanted Kingdom is one of the pioneering theme amusement parks in the country. They have exciting and thrilling rides. I have tried Space Shuttle which was nerve-racking for a first-timer like me. Then we all got soaked at the Rio Grande Rapids, one of my most enjoyable rides. We then rode the Jungle Log Jam where I felt like I’m going to die. It took the life out of me, LOL! It was so scary with the steep slope and no safety gear to secure you from flying out of the log. No wonder there was an accident that happened in this ride before. It is not suitable for children. It still gives me a chill every time I remember it. Then lastly, we watched a musical show and the fantastic fireworks display. These are only some of the magical experiences that you will encounter and you can still try various rides and attractions. Come to the Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you.


Moreover, I realized I haven’t been to an out of town trip in the last 2 years. Come 2016, I hope that I can revive the wanderlust in me and explore my country again. There are still so many places I want to go. Adventures are the best way to learn.


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