“First came love, then came marriage

Then came Ram, in a baby carriage

Now’s the time to make it all complete

And to hold the Christening”

We gathered at the Mary of Queen Parish last December 22nd to witness the christening ceremony of my niece, our little angel “Ram”. We are joined by family and friends as well as her “Godparents” as we welcome her to the Christian world. Everyone blessed her and prayed that she may grow up to be a kind hearted and God fearing child. We, as her family will always be here to guide and support her in her growing up years. Her cousins couldn’t wait to play with her. She is a new addition to our growing family. In no time at all, she will be running around in zest. And soon enough, she will no longer be a baby. So as of this moment, we want to cherish her days of being a baby. 

After the ceremony, we then headed to the reception at Rigel’s Cafe. This is where my sister and brother-in-law got married just last year of the same month. Who could have imagined that we will be at the same place to celebrate yet another milestone of their lives? It was almost their wedding anniversary. They are even supposed to have the christening on their anniversary but the date was already blocked out. Geez, Ram may have wanted to have a moment on her own. (LOL) The celebration was indeed a blast.

I pray that she may always find favor in God’s eyes. God bless her!


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