bedroom idea

My girls love colors. They want to have their own room filled with different hues. And I would love to grant their dream to have one. As I was browsing pictures for bedroom ideas, I came across with this one and I just love it. It was love at first sight and I knew that my girls would be thrilled with this. I am planning to redecorate their bedroom like this by next year and I am already looking forward to it. I just have to save more so I can afford to buy some other stuff. The idea thrilled me because I haven’t experienced to have my own room.

With six siblings, we just share a common room for all our stuff. I used to sleep in the living room with my other siblings. We crammed into the small space that we have. My parents and younger siblings are the ones who slept in the room. Basically, we just use the only room in our house to change clothes and other things that need some privacy. We only rented our house so we couldn’t really choose a big one because my father had only a meager income as a laborer in a rice mill in those times. But even if that was the case, it was not a big deal for us. The most important for us was that we are happy and all together. We had a bigger house when my father finally stopped working in the city and we moved to my mother’s hometown. It was an outback. My Uncle (he is my Mother’s older brother), built it as a rest house so every time their siblings who live in another part of the country come to visit us, they will have a place to stay in. When my father quit his job, my Uncle then offered us to stay in the rest house so it was really a relief and a blessing for us to have a place to live in. When they moved there, I was already living with my parents-in-law. We are not really used to be separated from our parents so I usually visit them often. Sometimes I and my husband will stay there for a couple of days. I always missed their company so I really couldn’t help to be with them most of the time.

It has changed nowadays, though. Since my father died, we lived separately. My mother and two siblings are still in my hometown then I and my other three sisters are here in Manila. Even though the four of us are here, yet we seldom see each other. We live in different cities and we have our own families and work. We have different priorities and struggles, however, we still try to meet one another on special occasions or holiday. We also have constant communication through SMS, email or other social networking sites. We may be separated physically but we are still connected and united in hearts and in spirit.

I hope that my children will also have a close relationship with each other just like what I have with my brother and sisters. 


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