My hubby in action 🙂

I got a little mischievous when I saw him fixing our electric fan yesterday when it suddenly had this whistling sound. It was annoyingly loud so he acted to put a stop to it. He is basically not a skilled repairman nor good at other odd things or small tasks but he always try to see and check what he can do to fix whatever it is that needed some repairs. I was teasing him and I even place a bet that he couldn’t do it and he was a good sport at it. I was having fun taking pictures of him while he was trying to weave magic on our electric fan. And it was great to see that he was serious in his task that it actually paid off. He did fix our electric fan and now it is working as good as new. Unluckily, I lost in our bet but I am happy of the outcome. We were able to sleep soundly last night, thanks to my not so jack of all trades husband.


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