The ALDUB Craze

I have never been an avid fan of any loveteams on TV but when the ALDUB (AL- from Alden and DUB- from YayaDUB) of the longest running noontime variety show EAT BULAGA was born, it made me so thrilled and happy that I always watch their segment “KalyeSerye” for the Juan for ALL, ALL for Juan. I got hooked off the simplicity and humble personality of Maine Mendoza who portrays as Yayadub and was named Dubsmash Queen. She really has this profound talent and charm to make people go crazy with all her live lip-synching stints. And there goes the boy-next-door cutie Alden Richards that is truly becoming famous because of this tandem. For the past 3 months, people would always take some time off of their daily routine just to watch this segment on Eat Bulaga. This becomes a new craze and trending topic on social media and a favorite topic for chitchat among family, friends, co-workers etc. The effect of the show to promote good moral values and to reinstate the integral significance of Filipino culture influences its dramatic success. A lot of people and organizations applauded their approach. They were, in fact, awarded for this cause.

Just last Saturday, the biggest event for the show happened at the Philippine Arena, the world’s largest indoor arena where it was jam-packed with 55 thousand people who came from different parts of the metro and the countryside. The tickets were sold out if I am not mistaken in just 2 days. The supporters of ALDUB and EAT BULAGA gathered together to witness the 36th year concert anniversary of the show. The proceed of the tickets will be donated to the victims of typhoon Lando and to build the ALDUB Library. The highlight of the event was the meeting of Alden and Maine with the blessing of the Lolas for them to really have a chance to be together. Even supporters at home and abroad stormed the social media by surprise for a new record of more than 41M tweets. And I’m proud to say, that I am a contributor for that record-breaking tweets. Truly the magnanimous event has made history. The joy and laughter, the love and excitement brought by the show were more to behold than any record-breaking history.

EB KalyeSerye



There are still a lot to look forward to from this loveteam. This is only the beginning of a wonderful love story. I just hope that they would remain as humble and grateful as they are now. Kudos to ALDUB! Kudos to EAT BULAGA! Kudos to ALDUB nation!

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