The pain and hurt lingers,
      why can’t it just stop?
Feeling of anguish inside
      I cannot take it anymore.
I thought I am alright now
      But it was all a big mistake.
When can I be healed?
      from all of these heartaches.
Forgiving is not enough,
      my heart still recalls
The memory still haunt me,
      devour my soul every time
I am losing all my strength
      freedom is all I need
 Set me free please…
      until no pain no more.


I love you…
not for any reason
it is just because I love you

I love you…
with all my heart and
with all my mind.

I love you…
in good and bad times,
in laughter and tears.

I love you…
a thousand folds
throughout eternity

I love you…
yesterday, today and always.