First in our bucket list for the city tour has been conquered. This is the first time for my girls to visit this historical park in the metro. Rizal Park or simply known as Luneta is the place where you can find our National Hero, Jose Rizal monument. There lie his remains as well. Rizal Park plays a significant role in our country’s history. Most magnanimous events are held here. It is also surrounded by different historical establishments and landmarks. The place is huge and ideal for some outdoor family fun and activities. In fact, my relatives love to celebrate family occasion here. I once joined them and it was great. They prepared a festive meal and everybody had their fill. We flew a kite, played hide and seek and played badminton while others just enjoyed chatting with one another and relaxed under the afternoon shade with the soft tangy breeze coming from the sea. It was fantastic!

This time, I and the girls just enjoyed walking through the avenues. Took pictures as a souvenir and had a light snack in one of the sandwich food stalls alongside the park. It was a weekend and there were a bunch of people at that time but it gives the scene its stately splendor.

historic escapade

Our next stop will be Manila Zoo and they are already looking forward to it. There are still a lot of interesting places we have to visit and see.


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