After all these years, I finally found you. The woman I am so curious about finally has a face now. You were only a pigment of my imagination but this time, I already knew how you look like. I thought I will be starstruck of your beauty but then yours is just an ordinary face. Or it might be because I know that deep within that physical attractiveness lies a wretched bitch! It’s been 7 – 8 years or so but I still have that vivid recollection on how much you badly hurt me. You almost ruined my family, my relationship with my husband and mother-in-law and most especially myself. You did it not just once but several times. I was dumbfounded of your guts to even trod on my territory. You even had the nerve to approach and introduce yourself to my mother-in-law. I admire your initiative and resourcefulness. You really tried all your luck, be it by hook or by crook just to know my husband’s whereabouts in those times. No doubt, you were definitely and incredibly obsessed with him. Given your marital status at that time, I wonder how you could take the courage to cheat on your own husband that you even dragged my husband to sin with you. You are nothing but a slut! A scheming desperate bitch! You are such a shame and disgrace to your family knowing that you also have your own children. Karma is just around the corner, remember that. I wonder, perhaps my husband is such a better lover than your husband, isn’t he? You wouldn’t lure him to have sex with you every time you came to see him if he were not. Are you contented with those fleeting moments with him? Did it suffice the years of longing you have for him? I don’t think so! It just made you want more, am I right? It just made you, even more, obsessed to have him, in fact, you even asked him to go with you, to give up on us, to enticed him with money but a shame on you because he didn’t get ensnared of your plot. How did you feel when he turned you down? Did it serve as your wake up call to stop all your foolishness? Did you get hurt to be rejected by the man you thought belongs to you? Well, you are wrong all along. My husband has never been yours and will never be yours. I know he also had a share in that affair because it will never happen if he didn’t tolerate it to happen. He is no saint and I held him responsibly just the same. And that was his biggest mistake ever committed. 

I felt deceived and betrayed by the people I never thought will inflict me with so much pain. Relationships have been marred by your doings. Trust and respect had been broken and I do not know if I am capable of trusting them wholeheartedly again. My husband remorsefully regretted what he had done. He had been broken as I am when I learned and he confessed about your affair. We have been through a lot of emotional turmoil but we surpassed it all. Little by little, I have learned to accept what happened and forgave him for what he did. I forgave my mother-in-law as well for whatever part she had in that charade. I am proud of my husband though because he made a great choice. He’s been man enough to put an end to what he had done, admitted his unfaithfulness and face my fury and vehemence, hatred, distrust and nonchalance. It took us months before we managed to talk with each other. He didn’t stop to prove how much he regretted everything. How much he wanted to win me back. He didn’t stop to show me how much he love me that he will never give up on me, on us. Even though I constantly blame him for all our misfortune, he accepted it all. He never retaliates. He accepted all the hurtful words I hurled at him every time we argue and have fights. I know that deep inside him, he thought that he deserved it all for hurting me. That through it, I may get even with him.

You see, my husband loves me, adores me, will fight for me, will die for me to the moon and back and you cannot steal that away from me. You were merely a passing distraction in our troubled time. Our life is never perfect. We are still susceptible to negative forces around us but this time, we know that we will not be easily daunted and we will stand together amidst all these.

You may be his first love, but I am his LAST and ONE TRUE GREAT LOVE as HE IS MINE. He is the only man in my life and he will always be.

This is the last time I am to deal with you. I do not know your reason and motive why you did such things but I am not to judge you. There is a mightier judge above us all. And judgment only belongs to God. I do not know what kind of person you are, what your troubles are, your pains and struggles. All I know is you are the woman who almost caused my family to be ruined, my marriage to fell apart and myself to be broken.

On the other hand, I thank you because through that ordeal I realized I need to strive harder and fight for my husband and my family at all cost. I am not a perfect person. I also have my shortcomings and flaws. I am just a simple woman. Truly that episode in our lives made us be stronger to face adversities, it strengthened our bond, devotion, compassion and love to each other. There is no greater panacea from all the things that happened but love. And we will incessantly live by that love, knowing that no one can ever put us asunder. Thank you because from now on, I will put all effort to cherish my husband and revel in his love. I am lucky enough to have him in my life and I won’t waste any more time to dwell in the memory of the past hurts. I am now ready to bury and forget everything to the deep recesses of my heart and mind.

I made a choice…I chose to FORGET and MOVE ON. I chose to FORGIVE. I chose to RESTORE my marriage and my relationship with my husband. I chose to LOVE more.


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