The PAGASA (our local weather agency) officially announced the start of rainy season last weekend and it starts with such a heavy downpour that caused floods in many areas in the metro. School classes has been suspended for four days now because of the bad weather. Usually rainy season starts in June but this time it started a bit late. However, it didn’t diminish the effect it has in our daily lives. It is our yearly struggle to get prepared for this season. Last Sunday night, I watched a late night show wherein they discussed the tips and measures on how to gear up. The discussion gave useful insights and advice for the people but still we cannot tell what Mother Nature will bring forth. There were 3 low pressure sighted in our area of responsibility and it just makes the weather to be gloomy.

Moreoever, despite the heavy rains and flooded highways and streets, we still have to go to work. Well, it is not fun to be out in the rain, fight against the howling wind, and be caught up in the flood and traffic. However, we do not have a choice so just enjoy getting wet and warmed up by tons of coffee. I hope that everybody will be safe once they are out in this inclement weather.


Philippines Floods

Philippines Floods


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