First in our bucket list for the city tour has been conquered. This is the first time for my girls to visit this historical park in the metro. Rizal Park or simply known as Luneta is the place where you can find our National Hero, Jose Rizal monument. There lie his remains as well. Rizal Park plays a significant role in our country’s history. Most magnanimous events are held here. It is also surrounded by different historical establishments and landmarks. The place is huge and ideal for some outdoor family fun and activities. In fact, my relatives love to celebrate family occasion here. I once joined them and it was great. They prepared a festive meal and everybody had their fill. We flew a kite, played hide and seek and played badminton while others just enjoyed chatting with one another and relaxed under the afternoon shade with the soft tangy breeze coming from the sea. It was fantastic!

This time, I and the girls just enjoyed walking through the avenues. Took pictures as a souvenir and had a light snack in one of the sandwich food stalls alongside the park. It was a weekend and there were a bunch of people at that time but it gives the scene its stately splendor.

historic escapade

Our next stop will be Manila Zoo and they are already looking forward to it. There are still a lot of interesting places we have to visit and see.



After all these years, I finally found you. The woman I am so curious about finally has a face now. You were only a pigment of my imagination but this time, I already knew how you look like. I thought I will be starstruck of your beauty but then yours is just an ordinary face. Or it might be because I know that deep within that physical attractiveness lies a wretched bitch! It’s been 7 – 8 years or so but I still have that vivid recollection on how much you badly hurt me. You almost ruined my family, my relationship with my husband and mother-in-law and most especially myself. You did it not just once but several times. I was dumbfounded of your guts to even trod on my territory. You even had the nerve to approach and introduce yourself to my mother-in-law. I admire your initiative and resourcefulness. You really tried all your luck, be it by hook or by crook just to know my husband’s whereabouts in those times. No doubt, you were definitely and incredibly obsessed with him. Given your marital status at that time, I wonder how you could take the courage to cheat on your own husband that you even dragged my husband to sin with you. You are nothing but a slut! A scheming desperate bitch! You are such a shame and disgrace to your family knowing that you also have your own children. Karma is just around the corner, remember that. I wonder, perhaps my husband is such a better lover than your husband, isn’t he? You wouldn’t lure him to have sex with you every time you came to see him if he were not. Are you contented with those fleeting moments with him? Did it suffice the years of longing you have for him? I don’t think so! It just made you want more, am I right? It just made you, even more, obsessed to have him, in fact, you even asked him to go with you, to give up on us, to enticed him with money but a shame on you because he didn’t get ensnared of your plot. How did you feel when he turned you down? Did it serve as your wake up call to stop all your foolishness? Did you get hurt to be rejected by the man you thought belongs to you? Well, you are wrong all along. My husband has never been yours and will never be yours. I know he also had a share in that affair because it will never happen if he didn’t tolerate it to happen. He is no saint and I held him responsibly just the same. And that was his biggest mistake ever committed. 

I felt deceived and betrayed by the people I never thought will inflict me with so much pain. Relationships have been marred by your doings. Trust and respect had been broken and I do not know if I am capable of trusting them wholeheartedly again. My husband remorsefully regretted what he had done. He had been broken as I am when I learned and he confessed about your affair. We have been through a lot of emotional turmoil but we surpassed it all. Little by little, I have learned to accept what happened and forgave him for what he did. I forgave my mother-in-law as well for whatever part she had in that charade. I am proud of my husband though because he made a great choice. He’s been man enough to put an end to what he had done, admitted his unfaithfulness and face my fury and vehemence, hatred, distrust and nonchalance. It took us months before we managed to talk with each other. He didn’t stop to prove how much he regretted everything. How much he wanted to win me back. He didn’t stop to show me how much he love me that he will never give up on me, on us. Even though I constantly blame him for all our misfortune, he accepted it all. He never retaliates. He accepted all the hurtful words I hurled at him every time we argue and have fights. I know that deep inside him, he thought that he deserved it all for hurting me. That through it, I may get even with him.

You see, my husband loves me, adores me, will fight for me, will die for me to the moon and back and you cannot steal that away from me. You were merely a passing distraction in our troubled time. Our life is never perfect. We are still susceptible to negative forces around us but this time, we know that we will not be easily daunted and we will stand together amidst all these.

You may be his first love, but I am his LAST and ONE TRUE GREAT LOVE as HE IS MINE. He is the only man in my life and he will always be.

This is the last time I am to deal with you. I do not know your reason and motive why you did such things but I am not to judge you. There is a mightier judge above us all. And judgment only belongs to God. I do not know what kind of person you are, what your troubles are, your pains and struggles. All I know is you are the woman who almost caused my family to be ruined, my marriage to fell apart and myself to be broken.

On the other hand, I thank you because through that ordeal I realized I need to strive harder and fight for my husband and my family at all cost. I am not a perfect person. I also have my shortcomings and flaws. I am just a simple woman. Truly that episode in our lives made us be stronger to face adversities, it strengthened our bond, devotion, compassion and love to each other. There is no greater panacea from all the things that happened but love. And we will incessantly live by that love, knowing that no one can ever put us asunder. Thank you because from now on, I will put all effort to cherish my husband and revel in his love. I am lucky enough to have him in my life and I won’t waste any more time to dwell in the memory of the past hurts. I am now ready to bury and forget everything to the deep recesses of my heart and mind.

I made a choice…I chose to FORGET and MOVE ON. I chose to FORGIVE. I chose to RESTORE my marriage and my relationship with my husband. I chose to LOVE more.


Parenting is not as easy as a pie. I think it is one of the most complicated issues and responsibility parents have to face. Having three children at the young age is perhaps an advantage for me because I can somehow relate to this modern generation. Teens are quite difficult to handle with all the physical and psychological changes to occur. Luckily, my children do not give me a lot of headaches yet. Of course, they have their mood swings as I have mine and requires a lot of patience in dealing it but we all come to settle our differences at the end of the day. Each of them has distinct characteristics and talents that make them a unique individual. Nevertheless, these aren’t factors for me to say I’m an expert. I have failed many times and still struggling until now however I am learning, though. And I intend to learn more to become a better parent for them.


Parents shouldn’t be too strict and too lenient in disciplining children. I’ve learned it from my parents. I realized that my parents are my yardstick in parenting. My father was a disciplinarian a in diplomatic way but he could also be stern especially if we have done something really bad. My mother, on the other hand, was somewhat more on verbal expression. She could be annoying when her mouth starts to fire up (LOL). But of course, we were scared every time so we didn’t dare cross her path. We were all quiet and just stayed in one corner of our house. Then when Papa arrived from work and Mama was still in a bad mood, he would make some jokes and would tease Mama so she would smile and when Mama gave in into Papa’s teasing and started laughing, that was a sign that she’s no longer crabby. Eventually, our house would be filled with teasing and laughter and love. I really missed those moments with Papa. Imagine, with 7 children, I think it couldn’t really be helped that Mama would be exasperated at us sometimes with all our bantering, arguments and fights. She really had a handful. I am proud because they were able to give us fair attention and love and they were able to raise us well.

In my own family, I and my husband have a fair share in disciplining our children. We believe that children need chastisement sometimes for them to realize what they have done wrong. We make it a point that they understood why they have to be spanked. They understand that we are doing it because we love them and we want them to be corrected for their wrongdoings, misbehavior, and disobedience. It is difficult to see our children get hurt but we have to be strong and be intentional. After that, we would talk to our children and affirm them of our love. I do not want them to harbor any ill-feeling towards us so we always try to be open-minded and just in validating their reasons and enforcing disciplinary actions.


As I dig more information, perspective, and principles in parenting, I perceived a more comprehensive one – the bible. It has instructions and principles on how to teach and discipline our children. Our church has been studying a series in the old testament and just recently, we tackled the “Ten Commandments of God” and some of the messages in the worship service were about parenting. I have learned for one, “Children have to honor their parents but parents should know how to honor their children as well. We should show them that we are honorable parents.” – from our sister’s testimony. We should pray for our children for every aspect of their lives. This is powerful enough to make their paths straight with the Lord. I gained a lot of biblical insights through hearing/listening people’s testimony and reading the bible. I’m glad that I will not be lacking guidance to improve as a parent because I’ve come to distinguish the one true and effective way, approach and principles through the Word of God. And I hope that I may be able to utilize my knowledge in accordance to God’s grace and blessing for my children to become God-fearing individuals. Not only for them but for our family to be Christ-centered.



The PAGASA (our local weather agency) officially announced the start of rainy season last weekend and it starts with such a heavy downpour that caused floods in many areas in the metro. School classes has been suspended for four days now because of the bad weather. Usually rainy season starts in June but this time it started a bit late. However, it didn’t diminish the effect it has in our daily lives. It is our yearly struggle to get prepared for this season. Last Sunday night, I watched a late night show wherein they discussed the tips and measures on how to gear up. The discussion gave useful insights and advice for the people but still we cannot tell what Mother Nature will bring forth. There were 3 low pressure sighted in our area of responsibility and it just makes the weather to be gloomy.

Moreoever, despite the heavy rains and flooded highways and streets, we still have to go to work. Well, it is not fun to be out in the rain, fight against the howling wind, and be caught up in the flood and traffic. However, we do not have a choice so just enjoy getting wet and warmed up by tons of coffee. I hope that everybody will be safe once they are out in this inclement weather.


Philippines Floods

Philippines Floods


It’s funny when you didn’t expect something and your world was just turned topsy-turvy because of it. Well, it is not literally funny rather I just want to make light of the situation. Change is the only constant in this world so we might as well be open-minded to accept whatever changes may occur in our lives. Embrace it with grace, hope, and faith. It may not at all pleasant but when we think about it in a positive manner, things may turn out positively and in our favor.

I always fear of change. I want to stay in my comfort zone. I don’t want to start at the bottom again once I venture into something new. I have my own insecurities that hinder me to explore my skill and talent into a different level. I have long been contented with my present job that I feel like this is all I’m going to do until I retire. I have been complacent for a long time that I almost do not know how to give in to challenges of a new job. My company is not at all that big and do not even give us benefits but I am happy with my job and I enjoy the companion of my colleagues. The management is not that good as well but somehow we can meet our differences one way or another.

Recently, we have been hearing a lot of hearsay that we will be moving to a new office and there will be a lot of changes to take place. Some even speculate that we might be having a new management or worse our company is getting bankrupt. All of us are quite anxious about this but it seemed the management doesn’t care what we are thinking. It just adds to our fear of losing our job in the end. Thankfully though after months of ignoring all the rumors circulating in the office, one of the management staff assured us that everything is going well. There will only be some changes to be implemented for the advancement of our company. And this news really relieved us from days of agony on thinking about our future. It seemed the roller coaster has finally halted and we can now relax our senses from all the excitement and adrenalin rush.

I realize one thing from this situation. Nothing is permanent. Anytime change will occur. And we have to ready ourselves all the time because it’s like a thief in the night that will come at the least expected moment. My work could be taken from me anytime so I need to plan what I am going to do when it happens. And from now on, I decided to pursue my studies to improve my skills. We shouldn’t settle less of ourselves. We should continue to strive for something that can equip ourselves to survive in the changes yet to happen. It’s better to be prepared than to be left broken.