We could meet different people everyday but it doesn’t mean that they will be our friends. We could have a lot of friends but there could only be few who we can consider true friends. I do not have a lot of friends but I know that my few friends are really for keeps. I am an amiable person. I can easily get along well with others. People always told me that I am such a kind-hearted, soft-spoken, sweet and charming person. Even my father was so certain during my childhood that when I grow up I could get a lot of friends and I can entice a lot of men. (hahaha! that’s what he usually said to me). I am actually everybody’s girl. He said that I have this charisma that attracts people to me. I have long believed in him but of course, I don’t let just anybody in my life. From grade school up to the present, I only have 3- 6 good friends. Really good friends. Our friendship has been tested through the ups and downs of our lives. And this is something that I am proud of. I may not have so many friends but I know that the people who are close to me are here to stay. We may become separated physically, however, our minds and hearts are still entwined with the friendship that we had cultivated, nurtured and planted through the years. And today, I am so happy to have an addition to my few friends. He is Adam, my friend’s boyfriend. He is a British educator. I have finally met him in person today and it was fun to see him not just online but in the flesh. We had chit-chat over coffee at Starbucks just in front of our office.


This is my take out treat and I have captured his name on my cup 🙂

We were supposed to have lunch together but for some unfortunate reason, I wasn’t able to make it. And I really appreciate their effort to wait up for me so we could meet. How sweet and kind of him and I really felt ashamed to have kept them waiting. He is a kind, good-looking, funny and sensible man. I actually like him for my friend. I know that we could get along well and I hope we could have an opportunity to get to know each other in a deeper sense. I wish that he could be my friends future partner in life. They are a good couple and they are just so perfect together.


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