Summer heat brings people out of the comfort of their humble abode. This is the time of year where people go to a vacation in the province or travel out-of-town or overseas in a cooler place to escape the scorching heat. People visit different places, be it up north or down south. Lots of backpackers flock tourist destinations around the country. They also love to traverse and explore the beautiful and magnificent beaches. People would go out to sea to bask in the sun, take some plunge in the cool waters and to enjoy nature and, of course, the companion of family, friends, co-workers etc. It is a season of festivities as well. Summer brings the wonderful color of traditions and culture. People take this opportunity to enjoy life’s pleasure. There are a lot of exciting and enjoyable outdoor and indoor activities that will suit your preference. You just have to carefully plan the activity you’re going to have to enjoy it fully. Be it for the solo traveler or a bunch, there is always something that will catch your interest. And of course, not to forget about the mouth-watering food that you can enjoy where ever you go. Those delicious and affordable cuisine that will leave you full to the core. Traveling also helps in having better perspective about things around us. It widen our horizon and rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul.

My children love to go swimming to beat the summer heat and they had their final dip just days before summer ends. It marks the beginning of the school year now. They are still reluctant to go back to school, however, by next week, they have to face the reality that the school year begins again. Time to bid Mr. Sun goodbye. Happy summer days is over for now. Until the next summer time!


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