We could meet different people everyday but it doesn’t mean that they will be our friends. We could have a lot of friends but there could only be few who we can consider true friends. I do not have a lot of friends but I know that my few friends are really for keeps. I am an amiable person. I can easily get along well with others. People always told me that I am such a kind-hearted, soft-spoken, sweet and charming person. Even my father was so certain during my childhood that when I grow up I could get a lot of friends and I can entice a lot of men. (hahaha! that’s what he usually said to me). I am actually everybody’s girl. He said that I have this charisma that attracts people to me. I have long believed in him but of course, I don’t let just anybody in my life. From grade school up to the present, I only have 3- 6 good friends. Really good friends. Our friendship has been tested through the ups and downs of our lives. And this is something that I am proud of. I may not have so many friends but I know that the people who are close to me are here to stay. We may become separated physically, however, our minds and hearts are still entwined with the friendship that we had cultivated, nurtured and planted through the years. And today, I am so happy to have an addition to my few friends. He is Adam, my friend’s boyfriend. He is a British educator. I have finally met him in person today and it was fun to see him not just online but in the flesh. We had chit-chat over coffee at Starbucks just in front of our office.


This is my take out treat and I have captured his name on my cup 🙂

We were supposed to have lunch together but for some unfortunate reason, I wasn’t able to make it. And I really appreciate their effort to wait up for me so we could meet. How sweet and kind of him and I really felt ashamed to have kept them waiting. He is a kind, good-looking, funny and sensible man. I actually like him for my friend. I know that we could get along well and I hope we could have an opportunity to get to know each other in a deeper sense. I wish that he could be my friends future partner in life. They are a good couple and they are just so perfect together.


Three weeks ago, I and my lovely daughters stayed for a week in my sister’s house. It was the last two weeks before the school year begins so they make use of the remaining time to spend it with their Aunts and cousins. My sister has 2 boys and it was quite fun and amusing to be with them. They are English-speaking lads so it was a great practice for my girls to communicate using the language. We usually speak in 2 languages (English and Filipino) and one dialect (Waray-Waray; our mother tongue) at home. It is interestingly new for them to use English only in talking with their cousins. My youngest would always tell me that her nose is bleeding because of too much English. She was lost for words sometimes and we couldn’t help but laugh at it. Children nowadays are versatile. They can easily adapt with the changes around them with proper guidance and support from adults. It was a great learning experience for my daughters.

While the kids were having fun, we, the adults also have our moment together. I was able to have a great conversation with my siblings. I have two other sisters who are living with my older sister as well. It was kind of small family get together. With our busy schedules, we treasure those moments that we can be together. I also had a chance to borrow some good books from my older sister. I love reading books but sometimes I couldn’t find enough time to sit down and read one. This time, I made up my mind to read the book, though. I commit to finding time to read a chapter or two every day.


Right on the first chapter, I have learned and realized a lot of things. It dawned on me that I have been missing a lot in my walk with the Lord. I have so much to relearn. I have been taking control over my life that I neglected God to be in control instead. I have been overwhelmed of my problems and circumstances that I forget that He has good plans for me and He would never let me be in these difficult situations if I cannot handle it. I pray that God will continue to reveal His plans for me through his words. I am excited to have one on one moment with Him in my quiet time. To talk with him, to pour out my thoughts, desires, and dreams with him, to share my fears and anxiety and most of all to give him honor, glory and praise.

Last night, as I was reading my bible, these verses struck me.

“Inquire first for the word of God” -2 Chronicles 18:4(b)

“Thus saith the Lord unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” -2 Chronicles 20:15(b)

What a powerful reminder in just the right time when I needed it most! God is good!



Summer heat brings people out of the comfort of their humble abode. This is the time of year where people go to a vacation in the province or travel out-of-town or overseas in a cooler place to escape the scorching heat. People visit different places, be it up north or down south. Lots of backpackers flock tourist destinations around the country. They also love to traverse and explore the beautiful and magnificent beaches. People would go out to sea to bask in the sun, take some plunge in the cool waters and to enjoy nature and, of course, the companion of family, friends, co-workers etc. It is a season of festivities as well. Summer brings the wonderful color of traditions and culture. People take this opportunity to enjoy life’s pleasure. There are a lot of exciting and enjoyable outdoor and indoor activities that will suit your preference. You just have to carefully plan the activity you’re going to have to enjoy it fully. Be it for the solo traveler or a bunch, there is always something that will catch your interest. And of course, not to forget about the mouth-watering food that you can enjoy where ever you go. Those delicious and affordable cuisine that will leave you full to the core. Traveling also helps in having better perspective about things around us. It widen our horizon and rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul.

My children love to go swimming to beat the summer heat and they had their final dip just days before summer ends. It marks the beginning of the school year now. They are still reluctant to go back to school, however, by next week, they have to face the reality that the school year begins again. Time to bid Mr. Sun goodbye. Happy summer days is over for now. Until the next summer time!