The choice of a profession is undoubtedly one of the important things to consider nowadays. I have been a bit sad in the past few days since my son has to go back to our hometown to pursue his college studies. He has been having a hard time making up his mind on what course to take. I always told him to carefully mull over this matter because this will be his stepping stone in molding his future. The right choice of profession will determine the right occupation he will have in the future. In this day of specialization, we should hone our skill and talent to be competitive enough in the growing numbers of highly competitive job seekers. We have to nurture our passion. We have to acquire an edge so we have something to trade. A lot of companies these days pay high compensation to skilled and knowledgeable employees. They are an asset to the company. But of course, it is not the only basis for getting hired. A lot other factors also affect on getting the job. You should also possess the right attitude. Sometimes, the hiring personnel wouldn’t give you the position even though you have excellent credentials to go along with if they assessed that you have an attitude problem. From there and then, they will turn you down. Personality still takes an essential place above all. We should also improve ourselves in this area and we can definitely get ahead.


I remember, in my childhood, our parents would always scold us and punish us for our misbehavior and misconduct. Back then, I still didn’t understand why they had to do it. But while growing up, I eventually understood that they are shaping us to be a responsible individual with high regard in moral values and standards. We developed our personality through and by their examples. They are not perfect people but they are great parents to us. We had learned a lot of lessons from them that until now we are also handing it down to our own children.

As my eldest child is on to his new journey in life, I just hope and pray that he will become the best person we want him to be. 


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