A sure bet, we have been angry in our existence here on Earth and the reason could be of different extremities. It is like hell to be consumed of anger and we could do a lot of undeniably foolish things when at this state. I for one is guilty about this. I do not know if I already have the so-called anger management problem but recently I get easily annoyed and eventually flare up. I am so not like this and I attributed my recent outburst to stress, financial issues and familial situations. Things have been rough for me nowadays and even though how hard I try to get calm and positive still it gets on my nerves.


Anger is a hidden monster that can bring you to destruction. As I have read some articles about anger, it is regrettable to do and say things when we are angry because things could be horribly at its worst. I don’t want to harbor this kind of feeling in me so I really want to have self-control over this matter. Anger could lead to hatred. Hatred to resentment and so on and so forth. There will be a horrendous integration of negative emotions that if left unchecked could lead to depression. And I have been through it, and I do not want to be in that situation again. I want to get rid of this monster lurking in the shadow of my sane mind waiting for a chance to devour me leaving me like in a trance to start berating and loosing control over my detestable temper! 


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