New house, new place, new neighbors, new friends, a new beginning.

How I wish that while we have moved to a new house, things will work out differently. This is a time to start anew. A renewed strength to keep our family moves forward to be more happy, content, solid, peaceful and harmonious. To let go of past hurts, pain, mistakes, misunderstandings, fights etc. Time to let go of all the negativity that happens. May love be always present in our home. Things had been rough in the past months where everybody has its own business to care of and kept us all wrapped up to the point of annoyance that really makes everyone so grumpy at home. Luckily, by God’s grace, we were able to resolve all issues that have been getting on our nerves. I’m just so thankful that God is always faithful in His promises. Even though I am not pleasing Him in the past months, still he never leaves us. I can feel His eminent presence by all the graces and blessings he is showering upon us and I praise God for always providing us for our needs. His grace is sufficient, indeed!

new home

I feel so blessed despite all the odds because I know that God is bigger and mightier than any problem that we encounter. I know there will still be more challenges in the way but I feel uplifted with the fact that I have a Heavenly Father who oversees everything for me and my family. To God be the glory, honor and praise!



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