If there are shopaholic and alcoholic, there is definitely a workaholic. All these connotes negative impression to a person. There are pros and cons in every situation but up to what extent should we let ourselves be ruled out by these basically destructive habits.

When is workaholism good or bad? I quote from Byron Dorgan,

3d illustration of a lightbulb

This has been bothering me since I have always been spending long hours working. It seemed my office is already my home. I spend more time working than staying at home. Sometimes I also have to work even on my rest day. My kids are in fact complaining why I have to stay at work most of the time. And I really feel guilty about it. As the breadwinner in the family, I have to work real hard to support us. I needed those extra hours to sustain our everyday needs. Even though I want to stay at home more often, the need to work always prevail. I just let them understand that I’m doing this for all of us, especially for them so I can provide for their needs. Working mothers is becoming prevalent in our modern culture. Many women came to embrace this equal responsibility so as to help their spouse and family to make ends meet. How far should we go from here? Am I going overboard?

I’m still a bit old-fashioned when it comes to rearing children. I grew up with my mother taking care of us and it was always a pleasure to see her after such long and busy days in school with warm hugs and simple comfort foods ready for us. She’s such a remarkable woman having to raise us – 6 siblings. We are such a big family but we have been loved by our parents. They supported us and raised us even not in a lavish manner but not lacking our basic needs. And we never demanded to get our wants because we perfectly understood how much they labored just to fill our stomachs every day. We have come to help one another to make things easier for us. We have been into a lot of troubles and by sticking with one another it enabled us to surpass all adversities and we just come to build solidarity in the family. I am saddened though every time I thought about my father (he left us so early due to sickness) that he wasn’t able to see us become successful in our own endeavors. Where ever he is, I’m sure that he is proud of us. That he is always guiding us. He is always with us. He was a man of wisdom and principles and I admire him for that. I miss talking with him. If he is still alive, I’m sure that he would give me a sound advice with my dilemma.

I know that it is utterly significant for parents to be around in the growing years of their children and I don’t want to miss a lot of things in my children’s lives. I want to be always there for them. I do not want them to feel that they are unwanted, unloved. I love them so much and that is mainly the reason why I am working. I want to give them a good life, a good future. Whenever I have the time, I always try to spend quality time with them. But I hope that we could do it often. I hope to spend more time with them but still it is not enough. I’ve heard and read a lot of time management stuff and tried some of it. Some works and others don’t in my lifestyle. So I still have to figure out what will work best for me. I hope my kids will be more understanding and patient of our situation. I know that they are smart kids and they can somehow understand why things have to happen this way meanwhile. Children are simply amazing. There are times that we couldn’t believe how capable they are to comprehend things around them and you will just be surprised when they share their views on certain things. And I have a strong faith in my children.



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