I met this special man in my life over 12 years ago and I still couldn’t forget how he made my life remarkably awesome even though we had been together for just a short period of time. Our relationship was somewhat undefined, I really do not know what to call it, but one thing I’m certain that it touched a special place in my heart. He showed me how to be loved with respect, to be pampered with care and thoughtfulness, to be showered with delightful surprises, to be affirmed of his love and support and to be accepted without any reservation. He is the epitome of my dream man. Unluckily, I have met him at the wrong time, at the wrong place and at the wrong circumstance. If our life had been different at that time and we were still free to be together, then I believe that we could have been a great partner for life.


There are moments in our lives that we hope things have been different. Ironic as it may seem, but we cannot turn back time and we cannot predict the future. We have to live in the present and make the most out of our everyday struggles. When I met Rob, I thought he was my Knight in Shining Armor. He served as my anchor when I was wretched. He helped me overcome my rebellious tendency. He was my angel when I was in distress. He undoubtedly brings out the best in me. He was like the sunshine that brightens up my world. I have come to love him for all the goodness and kindness that he showed me. He inspired me to make a change in my life. He unfolded the dream I wanted for so long until that dream became a reality. He had long been out of my life yet by the fulfillment of that dream that we both worked hard for was a reminder that he was once a part of my life.


After all these years, I couldn’t forget him completely. I still treasure and cherish our moments together. I still have this special place in my mind and heart for him. Although I have been reunited with my husband and our marriage has been restored, I couldn’t help but be anxious sometimes if thinking about Rob could be an act of cheating. Does my heart cheats on me?



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