Missing YOU


Many sleepless nights, 

        many lonesome hours.

Many tearful moments,

        wistfulness of the heart.

In many starry nights,

       had wished upon a star;

To feel you for a while,

      just a little while.

Distance miles apart,

     and across the deepest sea.

Wish I were a bird,

     to soar high in the sky.

Skip into the night,

     as an angel came by;

To have even just a glimpse,

     of your handsome face.

Time come and go,

     dragging so long and slow.

Waiting impatiently,

     throughout eternity.

Dreaming to be with you,

     chances are too few.

Please come to me my dearest love,

     and take me in your arms.

Take away the emptiness,

     and filled me with your warmth.



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