So many things are running on my mind recently…I just don’t know how I can materialize all these. I’m not getting any younger and I feel like I have been left behind. I have been contemplating in the past days on how my life turned out in recent years and I can say that it was absolutely one hell of a roller coaster ride. There was a moment of calm but most prevalent was the bumpy ones. A lot of questions came to my mind and I couldn’t come up with any answers yet. I realized some things, though, I have many issues that need to be settled once and for all. Pieces of a shattered dreams and broken heart need to be mended and restored. The perplexity and beauty of life have to be painstakingly embraced again. I need to emerge anew through all life’s adversities. Change is primarily at the top of my goal. Change of mind and heart. Change for the good of my being so I can be worthy of the graces and blessings from God. I should focus into something and put it in action. I should not procrastinate things. I should do it now! Sometimes or would I say all the times, things are better said than done. So I really hope that this time, my goals will be accomplished. I need F-O-C-U-S. Focus on to the will of God for my life. Therefore, I am uplifting everything to HIM. I know that he is the all-knowing and all-sufficient God. I know that He will abide in me in all of my endeavors. I’m just excited what he may reveal in me. I am excited to know where He will direct my path according to His purpose in my life. God always has great things in store for us. He has great plans for us. We just need to let Him be in control and follow His ways. It may be difficult to discern his ways at times but when we are strong in our faith with God, then there is no doubt that He will lead us to where and what we should be.





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