People are going crazy over Sakura/Cherry blossoms as spring season arrives particularly in the Land of the Rising Sun. Tourists flocks to this country to witness this breathtaking phenomenon. Since I have been teaching English to Japanese students, I got to know about this symbolic flower and fell in love with it. Since then, I always look forward to spring season in Japan and I always nag my students to send me pictures of Sakura which they willingly oblige. With pride and joy, they share a lot of stories about Sakura and its significance to their country. I think this can also be considered as their national flower. I have some friends who are living in Japan, and as of this time my facebook feeds are flooded of my friends Sakura moment. Be it in the city or outskirts, the scenery is fabulous. Its enchanting beauty mesmerize every single soul on Earth.


People enjoy taking photos in every angle trying to capture its beauty perfectly. Others are contented by just watching it and enjoying the view. Japanese people celebrates “Hanami Festival” which means “Sakura viewing”. They will gather under sakura trees with family and friends and together they eat, drink and dance.


sakura4It is a sight to behold! How I wish I can experience Sakura season someday.

Photo credits: To my FB friends: Karen Fonacier and Lyca Malabanan


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