If there are shopaholic and alcoholic, there is definitely a workaholic. All these connotes negative impression to a person. There are pros and cons in every situation but up to what extent should we let ourselves be ruled out by these basically destructive habits.

When is workaholism good or bad? I quote from Byron Dorgan,

3d illustration of a lightbulb

This has been bothering me since I have always been spending long hours working. It seemed my office is already my home. I spend more time working than staying at home. Sometimes I also have to work even on my rest day. My kids are in fact complaining why I have to stay at work most of the time. And I really feel guilty about it. As the breadwinner in the family, I have to work real hard to support us. I needed those extra hours to sustain our everyday needs. Even though I want to stay at home more often, the need to work always prevail. I just let them understand that I’m doing this for all of us, especially for them so I can provide for their needs. Working mothers is becoming prevalent in our modern culture. Many women came to embrace this equal responsibility so as to help their spouse and family to make ends meet. How far should we go from here? Am I going overboard?

I’m still a bit old-fashioned when it comes to rearing children. I grew up with my mother taking care of us and it was always a pleasure to see her after such long and busy days in school with warm hugs and simple comfort foods ready for us. She’s such a remarkable woman having to raise us – 6 siblings. We are such a big family but we have been loved by our parents. They supported us and raised us even not in a lavish manner but not lacking our basic needs. And we never demanded to get our wants because we perfectly understood how much they labored just to fill our stomachs every day. We have come to help one another to make things easier for us. We have been into a lot of troubles and by sticking with one another it enabled us to surpass all adversities and we just come to build solidarity in the family. I am saddened though every time I thought about my father (he left us so early due to sickness) that he wasn’t able to see us become successful in our own endeavors. Where ever he is, I’m sure that he is proud of us. That he is always guiding us. He is always with us. He was a man of wisdom and principles and I admire him for that. I miss talking with him. If he is still alive, I’m sure that he would give me a sound advice with my dilemma.

I know that it is utterly significant for parents to be around in the growing years of their children and I don’t want to miss a lot of things in my children’s lives. I want to be always there for them. I do not want them to feel that they are unwanted, unloved. I love them so much and that is mainly the reason why I am working. I want to give them a good life, a good future. Whenever I have the time, I always try to spend quality time with them. But I hope that we could do it often. I hope to spend more time with them but still it is not enough. I’ve heard and read a lot of time management stuff and tried some of it. Some works and others don’t in my lifestyle. So I still have to figure out what will work best for me. I hope my kids will be more understanding and patient of our situation. I know that they are smart kids and they can somehow understand why things have to happen this way meanwhile. Children are simply amazing. There are times that we couldn’t believe how capable they are to comprehend things around them and you will just be surprised when they share their views on certain things. And I have a strong faith in my children.


Summer Love


Sky so bright and blue,
oceans glistening as you go.
Birds singing merrily,
going round and round.
Flowers in beautiful bloom,
butterflies and bees amass.
Soft breeze in summer days,
a relief to a weary soul.

Encounter with NATURE

I love going out to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature and to escape the busyness of the city and the tiring work week. It is just so refreshing to unwind and relax while enjoying the splendid sight. I and my kids love to spend a day out to bond with each other and to have some fun. With my busy schedule at work, I always make sure that I allow enough and quality time for my children. They won’t be children any longer and sooner they will have their own sets of friends and outings. So while they can still tolerate the idea of going out with us (their parents), I am taking all the opportunity there is and make the most out of it into shared and treasured memories. It is our simple joy to have a family outing once in a while.




These photos were taken during our recent nature outing at La Mesa Ecopark, an unedited novice shots.

You can find more information about La Mesa in this link.

It is truly a haven for nature lovers. 

Five Tips for the New WordPresser

This is something that newbie like me should consider. I love this post that’s why I want to share it with others who might have missed this. Pretty handy! Happy blogging!

The Daily Post

Each week, we’re beyond fortunate to have thousands of new people join the community. (Hi there, and welcome! You’ll find cold beverages right next to the hot tub under the disco ball — make yourself at home!)

In our Community Pool feature — an open discussion thread for questions and feedback that runs each and every Monday — we often see comments like these:

“I’m new here and I’m not sure about x…”

“I’m a baby WordPresser and I’d like to know how to x…”

“I just started my blog last week and…”

Being new isn’t always the most comfy feeling. Here are five tips to help you gain confidence and get situated as you embark on your new blogging habit.

1. Establish your identity: get a Gravatar

Your Gravatar is the little photo of you that appears by any comment you make while logged into…

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I met this special man in my life over 12 years ago and I still couldn’t forget how he made my life remarkably awesome even though we had been together for just a short period of time. Our relationship was somewhat undefined, I really do not know what to call it, but one thing I’m certain that it touched a special place in my heart. He showed me how to be loved with respect, to be pampered with care and thoughtfulness, to be showered with delightful surprises, to be affirmed of his love and support and to be accepted without any reservation. He is the epitome of my dream man. Unluckily, I have met him at the wrong time, at the wrong place and at the wrong circumstance. If our life had been different at that time and we were still free to be together, then I believe that we could have been a great partner for life.


There are moments in our lives that we hope things have been different. Ironic as it may seem, but we cannot turn back time and we cannot predict the future. We have to live in the present and make the most out of our everyday struggles. When I met Rob, I thought he was my Knight in Shining Armor. He served as my anchor when I was wretched. He helped me overcome my rebellious tendency. He was my angel when I was in distress. He undoubtedly brings out the best in me. He was like the sunshine that brightens up my world. I have come to love him for all the goodness and kindness that he showed me. He inspired me to make a change in my life. He unfolded the dream I wanted for so long until that dream became a reality. He had long been out of my life yet by the fulfillment of that dream that we both worked hard for was a reminder that he was once a part of my life.


After all these years, I couldn’t forget him completely. I still treasure and cherish our moments together. I still have this special place in my mind and heart for him. Although I have been reunited with my husband and our marriage has been restored, I couldn’t help but be anxious sometimes if thinking about Rob could be an act of cheating. Does my heart cheats on me?


Missing YOU


Many sleepless nights, 

        many lonesome hours.

Many tearful moments,

        wistfulness of the heart.

In many starry nights,

       had wished upon a star;

To feel you for a while,

      just a little while.

Distance miles apart,

     and across the deepest sea.

Wish I were a bird,

     to soar high in the sky.

Skip into the night,

     as an angel came by;

To have even just a glimpse,

     of your handsome face.

Time come and go,

     dragging so long and slow.

Waiting impatiently,

     throughout eternity.

Dreaming to be with you,

     chances are too few.

Please come to me my dearest love,

     and take me in your arms.

Take away the emptiness,

     and filled me with your warmth.



I feel like drowning in quicksand. I couldn’t move anymore. I feel like I just have to stop struggling and let it completely consume me in its deep recesses of darkness and point of no return. I just want to surrender to its grip. I do not want to fight it. The more I try so hard to get out of it, the more it just tightens its hold on me. There is no strength left in me. I am so tired in this battle. I have no one and nothing to hold on to. I feel so alone, abandoned, forsaken. Things are just falling apart. It seemed everything is chaotic. My life is in total hiatus. I do not know what to do anymore. I feel so downright pathetic. I’m so lost! I have worked so hard yet everything is not enough. No matter how hard I worked myself like a bull, there is still this extreme necessity that I couldn’t cover. It seems all my effort are left in futile. I couldn’t breathe anymore. I am a damned prisoner of my oh so miserable life… I do not want to despair but I’m at the verge of breaking up. I am so broken inside that all I want to do is to vanish into thin air. I am overwhelmed with what is happening around me. I want to get out of this mess. I want to be free! With all the negative emotions I’m feeling right now, I still believe that I shouldn’t deal life-like it. I should mightily try to wriggle free out of it. No matter how difficult but at least, I should try. This is no time for defeat. I have to fight even if it is the hard way. Yes, I know things wouldn’t be a piece of cake but then I need to be positive that I’ll gonna overcome these struggles I’m facing right now. As a positive person as I am, I also stumble in this belief. I am sometimes overcome with the negativity around me. Yet, I am trying not be empowered by it. I know I have a bigger God than all the problems I have in my life. I know that He will abide in me in fighting my woes.  He is our Sovereign God and Father, and He will always see us through all the storms.


I hate it when I am feeling fallible. But then, it is not a crime to feel this way, right? We are just human and bound to experience down time. This is a normal emotion for people who are facing difficulties and trials. I have been into seclusion for about 3 months when I get depressed of all the emotional turmoil I have been through in my marriage. It was my coping mechanism at that time. I would rather be left alone than mingle with others and pretend that everything is alright. That would be an act of hypocrisy. I am not pretentious so I never attempt to just complicate my situation with it. I know that withdrawing myself from others even from my family is not healthy but at that time, it was my only consolation – to be with myself. I used that time to wallow in grief, pain and sorrow. I cried a river to my heart’s content. Until such time, all I could feel is numbness. I couldn’t feel the pain anymore. I started to pick up the pieces of my shattered world. Get back on my feet again and try to accept what happened. It is only in acceptance we truly get the courage to forgive, let go and move on. It was never easy and people have different ways in handling and coping difficult situations. I am just fortunate I think because my family never gave up on me. They allow me to heal on my own. They never pressure me to do what they think is best for me to do. They gave me the chance to figure things out and come out of my shell with renewed strength, better perspective and determination to spread my wings and conquer all the nightmares in my life. Even though I withdrew myself from them, I know that I am not literally alone. They are always ready to reach out on me, show their support in all my struggles and most importantly show their love to me. I was filled by my family’s love that also inspired and motivated me to recover. I believe there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, a rainbow after the rain and we have a choice to choose: let depression eat you alive or eat your depression to live.




So many things are running on my mind recently…I just don’t know how I can materialize all these. I’m not getting any younger and I feel like I have been left behind. I have been contemplating in the past days on how my life turned out in recent years and I can say that it was absolutely one hell of a roller coaster ride. There was a moment of calm but most prevalent was the bumpy ones. A lot of questions came to my mind and I couldn’t come up with any answers yet. I realized some things, though, I have many issues that need to be settled once and for all. Pieces of a shattered dreams and broken heart need to be mended and restored. The perplexity and beauty of life have to be painstakingly embraced again. I need to emerge anew through all life’s adversities. Change is primarily at the top of my goal. Change of mind and heart. Change for the good of my being so I can be worthy of the graces and blessings from God. I should focus into something and put it in action. I should not procrastinate things. I should do it now! Sometimes or would I say all the times, things are better said than done. So I really hope that this time, my goals will be accomplished. I need F-O-C-U-S. Focus on to the will of God for my life. Therefore, I am uplifting everything to HIM. I know that he is the all-knowing and all-sufficient God. I know that He will abide in me in all of my endeavors. I’m just excited what he may reveal in me. I am excited to know where He will direct my path according to His purpose in my life. God always has great things in store for us. He has great plans for us. We just need to let Him be in control and follow His ways. It may be difficult to discern his ways at times but when we are strong in our faith with God, then there is no doubt that He will lead us to where and what we should be.





People are going crazy over Sakura/Cherry blossoms as spring season arrives particularly in the Land of the Rising Sun. Tourists flocks to this country to witness this breathtaking phenomenon. Since I have been teaching English to Japanese students, I got to know about this symbolic flower and fell in love with it. Since then, I always look forward to spring season in Japan and I always nag my students to send me pictures of Sakura which they willingly oblige. With pride and joy, they share a lot of stories about Sakura and its significance to their country. I think this can also be considered as their national flower. I have some friends who are living in Japan, and as of this time my facebook feeds are flooded of my friends Sakura moment. Be it in the city or outskirts, the scenery is fabulous. Its enchanting beauty mesmerize every single soul on Earth.


People enjoy taking photos in every angle trying to capture its beauty perfectly. Others are contented by just watching it and enjoying the view. Japanese people celebrates “Hanami Festival” which means “Sakura viewing”. They will gather under sakura trees with family and friends and together they eat, drink and dance.


sakura4It is a sight to behold! How I wish I can experience Sakura season someday.

Photo credits: To my FB friends: Karen Fonacier and Lyca Malabanan

Smile Makes A Difference

Many times in our lives that we almost give up in the midst of the storms that we encounter. We almost lose hope to see light at the end of the tunnel. But in these times as well should we realize that there’s still a flickering shadow of hope that awaits us if we will only cling to that small voice at the back of our minds saying “Do not to give up. Be strong!These too shall pass…” We might be baffled at the complexities of what life bring us, however, life is a continuous journey. We will all face different kinds of difficulties, hardships, trials, challenges, etc. that vary in its extremities. We have to go through all life’s ebb and flow and what matters most is how we respond to these and how we handle ourselves in surpassing all obstacles victoriously. We have to develop our attitude and enrich our perspective so we can arise wise and strong from whatever situation we are in. Yes, it is easier said than done but nonetheless we have to try, and try harder we must. We just have to muster enough courage, strength, faith, hope and determination to surmount all life’s trouble. Let’s always be positive and believe that there’s a rainbow after the rain. Cry if you must but after shedding all the tears, remember that there’s a lot of reasons to smile. It can make a difference…

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.”  –Tom Wilson