Why Work in a Call Center Industry?

I am working in the call center or BPO industry for two years presently. I never imagined that I will be working in this industry yet here I am. My younger sister has been convincing me even before to try it. I have been adamant and equally reluctant because of the negative notions and feedback I’m hearing about it. I don’t want to work in a deviant working schedule as well so I continue to pursue a career in the education industry. I worked as an online ESL teacher for 9 years. This is still my first love and perhaps I would be able to continue teaching again in the future. I decided to change my career path because of health issues. The previous company that I worked with was located far from my place. I have to commute for about 3 hours to arrive on time. I could not stand the traffic anymore and it was really stressing me out. I had health concerns that being stressed is a big no-no. It was one reason that I chose to look for a job nearby and here I am. The company I am working with presently is just a 15-minute drive from our house. Proximity wise compared to my previous job locations. I can go home early and do other things. I can spend some time with my hobby which is arts and crafts (will be posting about it soon) and of course spend more quality time with my family. Plus, I now enjoy two days rest day and still can squeeze other errands, chores, and activities. How fantastic!

I started working as a Customer Support Representative in 018 Manila, a New Zealand directory service. It has been with the company for 10 years and just months ago that the partnership ended. As we all know, people nowadays have more means to access the internet compared from 10 years ago. Technology competencies and accessibility to online information caused the dramatic decline of the business although it was still up in the game. However, they decided to have it locally and outsourcing employees overseas is no longer an option. It was an amazing one year and 11 months of experience for me to be able to work with awesome and diverse people. It was my stepping stone to adequately understand and have a new perspective in this kind of work. I owe my knowledge and acquired skills to the exemplary embodiment of the company’s working principles. My journey has just started and after my first stint in 018 Manila, I am now with another account and will be starting the training by Wednesday, October 16th. We actually started a month ago in this said account and was assigned a different task. This time though we will be trained to be a Technical Support Representative. I’ll post more on the details about this next time.

“If somebody offers you an opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” – Richard Branson


How To Start A Homebased Business

This story has long been overdue but I still want to share it. I have been busy the past few months because of a career move and I have to focus on it. My future lies in it so I really have to do my best. I’ll share about it on my next posts. ūüėä

I and Verms (my 4th sibling) attended a business talk in our church as part of the Family Ministry activities. It was about how to start a homebased business that was spearheaded by speakers Jojo and Zonito Tamase. They shared how they started their own business, the struggles and difficulties they encountered, and how they overcame it by being obedient and faithful to what God has entrusted them to have. It was not an easy journey for them but they strive to be successful by living in God’s principles and wisdom in doing business.

In sum, here are the 7 key factors we need to remember:

1. Motivation- what is your motivation in starting the business?

  • Our motivation should be aligned to what God wants us to do. We need to have the mindset to serve God, follow his will and be obedient to the mission and vision that we set before Him.

2. What kind of business?

  • To know what kind of business we should start, we have to check ourselves. Know our talents and use them. It is from the skill or talent that we have that we can start formulating the kind of business we can start with. We just have to be creative and open to new learnings for us to develop and improve it. Learning is a continues process so just go for it and we will grow more each day.

3. Financial Capacity

  • We should always remember that we have a rich God.
  • Pray for our heart’s desire and wait.
  • Always give your best and be ready.

4. Running The Business

  • In running the business, we have to remember that authority is from God. We have to submit to authorities always.

5. Challenges

  • Challenges is always a part of any businesses. We just have to be honest and ethical at all times.

6. Giving back

  • We should always remember from whom all blessings flow. We should learn to give back to the people, to our church, to our community, and even to our society.

7. GOD’s Grace Is Sufficient

  • Claim it and live by it.

The business success of Jojo and Zonita is rooted in their strong faith in God and their belief in the biblical principles that helped and strengthened them to hang on despite all the struggles that they have been through. They remained humble, grounded, obedient and faithful to God. They want to share their story so it will inspire others as well. It is also their way of giving back. Indeed, their story is a blessing.


Building and nurturing relationships are crucial. Same goes in our relationship with our family. It doesn’t mean that we are related to each other, a good relationship comes automatically. Every relationship has to be nurtured with love, care and time. We also need to be intentional in creating strong ties with each other. Remember that family will always be our family whatever happens. So I think, it is just right to have a good relationship with one another.

I’m not saying, my family, is perfect. We also have our ups and downs. We just make sure that whenever we have conflicts and misunderstandings, we resolve it as soon as possible. We also support and encourage one another in whatever situations we are in. We want to share our joys and pains; failures and victories as a family.

It is not every day that I get to see my family. My siblings live in a different city from where I reside. We all lead a busy life and working on our schedule is quite challenging but we always try to make time to see each other even once in a month. We usually have a small family gathering either outdoor or indoor. Oftentimes, it is with our kids and in other rare occasions by ourselves. And it is one of these rare occasions that we all went to have a “mom shies” date together with our youngest sister who is still single.

We went to SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, one of the largest shopping centers in the country. This is also a tourist destination so no wonder foreign people also flock the place. The area is surrounded by business and entertainment establishments. You can take delight in a variety of leisure activities that will definitely wear you out. Additionally, a lot of magnanimous events were held here. Truly, this is one of the go-to places in the city.

And while we were strolling along the bay walk, we encountered the “Cruise by the Bay” booth. My sister was aware of it but we do not intend to get on to it. However, my other sister was a little adventurous at that time so she persuades us to try it and off we went. The price for the cruise was reasonable enough and it was a good experience for us to cherish.

We’ve got to experience watching the setting of the sun. It wasn’t the spectacular sunsets I have witnessed because it was cloudy and drizzling but it was still beautiful though. The cool breeze and tangy feel of the wind were refreshing and the sights along the shore were also exciting. The big eye was really eye-catching. Then, I had a glimpse of the Okada Hotel with its dome-like structure that I found to be mysterious and eerie from afar. It looked like an alien dwelling place. (Hahaha!) The cruise lasted for about 30 mins. and when we get off it was just the right time to went home.

We left the place with smiles and gladness in our hearts to have spent some quality time with one another.

Good place + good chat + good food = wonderful memories!!!

Hiking At La Mesa Nature Reserve


I didn’t imagine that hiking with kids would be possible. They might think that it is a tedious one and they might resent the idea of doing it. But I was completely wrong! They were so cool about it and was even excited. And so we had our first hiking with kids at La Mesa Nature Reserve.

La Mesa Nature Reserve is totally different from that of the La Mesa Ecopark. The nature reserve is the only remaining forest in the metro and it is also the haven of the La Mesa Dam which is the main resource of drinking water in Metro Manila. Who would have imagined that there is still a surviving forest in the city? It is quite refreshing to be surrounded by greenery. Tall trees, grasses, mosses, wildflowers, and many more natural wonders that the children were left in awe of it.

It was tiring yet fulfilling day out with my family. It was a great opportunity for the kids to be aware of the importance of trees and forest in our environment. It was also a good avenue for them to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of nature while unplugging from the internet. I remembered my nephew commenting in the onset of our hike that it was boring without WIFI. He was starting to have a tantrum but good thing my sister had been very patient in encouraging him into enjoying the natural wonders around him. We coaxed him to play with his other cousins so he won’t get bored. My sister applied reverse psychology and it worked!

There are other activities that you can do here rather than just hiking. During our visit, there were tree planting activities organized by companies in line with their environmental effort and support in reinforcing environmental awareness in their employees. My sister is planning to organize one with the kids as well next time. So they have something to look forward to again.

I was glad that we joined this activity. It was not only invigorating but educational as well. Learning new things bring a different perspective. And as of this writing, the nephew I mentioned earlier just had his first mountain hike in Batangas. Really amazing, isn’t it?! And it was just the beginning of their hiking adventures. My sister is organizing more hiking activities with their homeschooler’s peers. I am so excited for them. I hope I and my kids can also join them on this journey.



“To walk with nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” – Mary Davis

Once Upon A Time in “VENICE”


Venice?! Oh yes, such a fantastic place with its indescribable wonders! I felt like I was in another part of the world. One moment I was in my beloved home country and the next I was in a different place. I felt like I was in the real “Floating City”.

Oh, before I mislead you in thinking I’ve been to Italy, what I’m talking about is the Venice Piazza an Italian-inspired upscale mall nestled in McKinley Hill Town Centre in Taguig, Metro Manila. It features replicas of iconic landmarks in Italy that makes it one of a kind in our country. The most amazing is the man-made Grand Canal where you can also enjoy the gondola ride. It was really awesome! It was a bit pricey but the experience was worth it.


Since its opening in the latter months of 2015, I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about it. I was equally curious to see the place but it was only December of last year that I was able to go there. We celebrated my mother and son’s birthday in this wonderful place. Two special celebrations of the two special persons in my life in a special place. Fantastic! I couldn’t agree more to others saying that this is a hidden gem in the metro. It is indeed!

You can do a lot of things here. You can, no doubt, go shopping ’til you drop. Explore the different taste of international and local cuisine that will surely tickle your palate. Go pigeon feeding, sightseeing and experience the famous gondola ride. You can also have the chance to explore the photographer in you with all the luxurious view of the place. Every nook and every corner displays such a unique and exquisite Venetian touch. You can go on a movie date as well. Their Cineplex offers a luxurious experience inclusive of unlimited popcorn and a butler. Isn’t it inviting?! And lastly but most importantly, you can enjoy a family day with your loved ones which we exactly did. This is absolutely a wonderful haven in the city! There is a little downside though. The place could be so crowded in the weekends or holidays so better plan out your trip here during weekdays so you can have ample time to relish the scenery and feel that Venetian vibe.

“Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.” – Jim Rohn


social media3

I have been away for some time from social media. I put myself to test how long would I be able to unplug myself from the virtual world of technology. It wasn’t easy I would say, because the inkling to log in to my social media accounts and curiosity of what is happening is quite unnerving. I have to distract myself into doing something else just to divert my attention. There are times that I feel like cheating but good thing I have restrained myself in doing so. It wouldn’t be true anymore if I’ve done it and it will somehow jeopardize my experiment.

So, after a couple of months, I realized that it was absolutely nice and fun to actually detach ourselves from social media. In those months that I do not have access to the virtual world, I am more at peace with myself. I have more opportunity to interact with other people face to face. I had gone out and enjoyed some outdoor activities either with my family, friends or colleagues without the thought of sharing it on my social media accounts. Before, I would hastily post an update about anything and everything happening on me online. Whereas by this time, I just have to bask at the moment and enjoy the companion of the people I’m with. I have explored and discovered a lot of things that I wanted to share with special people in my life. It did not have to be in public, you know. There are some things and memories that we can keep and preserve in our hearts and minds. I think it will be the sweetest thing of reminiscing about it someday.

social media2

I believe, socializing plays an important role in our lives. It helps us to develop our social skills in interacting with other people in different circumstances. It helps us to be sensitive and rational in our responses and behavior towards others. It strengthens relationships among family, friends, and other people around us. There are different ways where we can socialize, and it basically differs among individuals on how to do it. Significantly, it should be done real time and face to face.

social media6

Moreover, I am not against social media. This is essentially and powerfully a good avenue in getting information and communicating. However, the cons weighted more heavily than the pros and the negative impact are greatly seen among the younger generation these days. According to a British survey, particularly young people spend 27 hours a week online. People are spending more time watching video clips, playing games, using instant messaging and checking social media accounts. An industry expert also said, “New technologies are opening up a myriad of other possibilities for young people.”¬† And these possibilities are considerably changing in the past ten years.


The statistics are quite alarming and we need to do something about it. In saying so, I think we can do it by starting at home. If we have children or young adult at home, we can start by educating them about the negative effects of overly using social media or accessing the internet. We must raise awareness for them not to be prey on by this growing phenomenon. As adults and/or parents, it is our responsibility to guide our children in using it. We can install an application on our computer and other devices that can restrict unsuitable websites and minimize the time they spend on using the internet. Let us encourage them to go out and mingle with other children. Engage them in physical and productive activities where they will have fun and at the same time learn something worthwhile. Don’t let them be caged in the four corners of our house instead let them go about to explore and discover new things around them. They can participate in several interesting activities be it with family, friends or with other children whom they can socialize with. Let us maintain a balanced lifestyle for them and let us also do it for ourselves. It is not only for children but adults have to change their lifestyle as well.



When things seem to be falling apart and we seem to be living out of reality then it is time for us to unplug from the virtual world and emerge in the real world again. Good things happen when we least expect it and it might just be around the corner. So, before missing out such opportunity, seize it. Get to the real world and live real!

social media5



It’s been ages since I last posted here. I missed writing big time!

A lot of things happened in the past months and I was preoccupied of setting things back in order. It had¬†been a topsy-turvy ride and I’m just glad that somehow it is now under control. It was truly frustrating when things fall apart and you didn’t know what to do. It was like sailing on a rough sea.¬†However, I am always reminded that¬†the only option is to keep going. Move one foot forward one at a time.¬†It is the essential part of moving on. It is always the first step to achieve a positive result in any situation we are in. As I go over my journal, I am reminded by these motivational quotes:

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”¬† – Maya Angelu

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”¬† ¬†– Mark Twain

It’s just a matter of time that all our life’s dilemma shall pass, too.

Have faith and always trust in God.




When things are tough and someone promised to be there for you in times of need, you would somehow feel relieved of that thought. You will start hoping for that someone to rescue you and help you in your trouble. However, sometimes we have to face our troubles alone. We cannot rely on someone to haul our ass away from our adversities.

Last weekend, I had waited in vain for that someone to show up. I had waited patiently but two days passed and still, no one had arrived. I was clinging to the hope that he will not let me down but up until now, the waiting was futile. I was disappointed but I accepted the fact that I have to do things on my own. Nothing will happen if I’ll just keep on waiting. Waiting is good but sometimes you have to know when to stop and when to start doing something to resolve your dilemma. Other people will not do it for you. You have to face it and handle it courageously. At first, it might be difficult but eventually, it will become lighter as you slowly go through it. No matter how hard the situation is, always believe that you will be able to surpass it. It may take some time but it will be over nevertheless.



“Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.” ¬† – Leah LaBelle

Keeping UP


Every day is a struggle. That’s how my life’s been ever since. Should I quit and just give up? Of course not! I have to keep up despite the difficulties and hardships. It is something better said than done but one has to keep trying. I shouldn’t be deterred by the circumstances we are experiencing now. In time, I know that I will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Take one step at a time.

Keep fighting the odds. 




Have faith.

God has good plans for me. I am steadfast in my faith. He is true to his promises and I believe that He will see me through the storms in life. I should take heart and rejoice. The best is yet to come.