When things are tough and someone promised to be there for you in times of need, you would somehow feel relieved of that thought. You will start hoping for that someone to rescue you and help you in your trouble. However, sometimes we have to face our troubles alone. We cannot rely on someone to haul our ass away from our adversities.

Last weekend, I had waited in vain for that someone to show up. I had waited patiently but two days passed and still, no one had arrived. I was clinging to the hope that he will not let me down but up until now, the waiting was futile. I was disappointed but I accepted the fact that I have to do things on my own. Nothing will happen if I’ll just keep on waiting. Waiting is good but sometimes you have to know when to stop and when to start doing something to resolve your dilemma. Other people will not do it for you. You have to face it and handle it courageously. At first, it might be difficult but eventually, it will become lighter as you slowly go through it. No matter how hard the situation is, always believe that you will be able to surpass it. It may take some time but it will be over nevertheless.



“Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.”   – Leah LaBelle

Keeping UP


Every day is a struggle. That’s how my life’s been ever since. Should I quit and just give up? Of course not! I have to keep up despite the difficulties and hardships. It is something better said than done but one has to keep trying. I shouldn’t be deterred by the circumstances we are experiencing now. In time, I know that I will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Take one step at a time.

Keep fighting the odds. 




Have faith.

God has good plans for me. I am steadfast in my faith. He is true to his promises and I believe that He will see me through the storms in life. I should take heart and rejoice. The best is yet to come.



My student shared about an Avatar inspired play she had seen this week by the Cirque Du Soleil.  Toruk- The First Flight is a touring production of this contemporary circus company that premiered in the December of 2015. They have been touring in Asia Pacific and soon they will be touring Oceania. I found out that they had a show here in the country last month that lasted for about 9 days. I don’t have the slightest idea about it. I haven’t even watched the trailer of the play. How embarrassing! 

Well, my student told me that it was a fantastic show. She went to see it with some of her friends. However, she told me that she got baffled by the story at first because she was imagining it like the Avatar movie. She then asked her friend during a short break about it and she realized that it was absolutely a different story. She was a little embarrassed but she was grateful that she did ask about it otherwise she would be utterly at loss of the sequence of events as the plot unfolds. Her embarrassment vanished as she started to understand the story and enjoy the show. She sent me some photos (the ones above) and it was amazing. She definitely had a good time.

Having this kind of opportunity in improving her English skills is such a tremendous help in advancing and fulfilling her goal. She can assess herself how far she had improved or there are still areas that need to be improved as she continues to learn more about the language. I also encouraged her to have a real-time communication with her friends so she would be more comfortable and it will somehow boost her confidence in using the language.

It takes effort, determination, and perseverance in mastering a language. One has to take responsibility for his own learning. Spending enough time and enjoying yourself with the language is the greatest guarantee of success.



As we go through the series of “MINEFIELDS” in life, Pastor Peter’s message impressed upon me that in whatever we do we are free to choose our actions but we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.

Credits to the CCF Chronicles:

There are plenty of minefields the enemy spread out in this world to disable and destroy us. But when we are with Jesus and when we walk by the Spirit, we are surely navigating the right path. God will keep us away from troubles that lead to undesirable outcomes. 

Poor choices don’t just rob us of material things and worldly significance. When we sow to our own flesh, we reap corruption – an inner decay that targets our souls. On the other hand, when we sow to the Spirit, we reap eternal life. The Bible clearly warns us not to give in to our personal desires but rather seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And when we decide according to the Spirit, we truly show the world that we are indeed followers of Jesus. It is an evidence of our faith. 

While it’s true that experience teaches us valuable lessons, we don’t need to step in every situation just so we could become wiser in life. The Bible is the most reliable source of wisdom as it holds stories and teachings passed on to us by great people of God. It tells us not to deceive ourselves because we cannot mock God and that in every choice we sow, we reap a consequence (Galatians 6:7).

Don’t learn the hard way. Listen to the Lord. He certainly knows the right path that brings peace in our lives and eternal rewards that we are to harvest in His time.





Thanks be to GOD! 

I am now one step closer to being a regular employee in my current company. Hard work, pays off. I had my employee evaluation yesterday with our boss and I am so thankful and happy to hear such positive feedback. Well, it doesn’t end there rather it will just be the beginning of a more challenging and interesting journey with them.

Being a regular employee entails a lot of responsibilities either for myself or for the company. I need to do even better now and excellently carry on with my job. There are some areas I need to improve on and it was given emphasis during the evaluation interview. On that note, I couldn’t agree more with my boss. It would be to my advantage if I will be able to work on it successfully. It is a good opportunity for self-improvement and the like.

I am actually in the limelight and everyone will be watching me closely especially that I will be working with a team now. The pressure might just as well be on my shoulder but I think I can stand it. I won’t let my team down. We can work together and rock other teams. I am a good team player and I can handle challenges that may be thrown at me. My team leader is a good man and I have faith in him. I know that we can work together harmoniously.

Good luck to me as I embark on a new journey again!


“Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius




Commuting to and fro house and work is a vital part of my everyday life. Be it by the train, the bus, the PUV or tricycle. I always try to doze off when traveling but in moments that I am wide awake I have the chance to see and observe the things happening around me. This morning was just a typical day. I was just about to find my comfortable position to doze off when I was suddenly startled by the loud honking of the car in front of us. We were in a pedestrian crossing and I saw that there was a man walking slowly toward the other side of the road. First, I thought that perhaps the driver of the car ahead of us is in a hurry and doesn’t want to be delayed that’s why he keeps his horn blowing steadily. Then, in my mind, I was castigating the man to be walking slowly in the middle of traffic. He should have crossed hurriedly to avoid such embarrassing situation. He should have been mindful of his surrounding and what other people might feel about it. What if he got into an accident? That would really be disastrous. After that, when the man finally reached the other side I realized that he was BLIND! What a shame for thinking bad about him! I really felt ashamed of what I’ve done even though, I only had it in my mind. I don’t know if the driver realized the same thing. He had a clearer vision of him than me. If he did, shame on him, too! That was way insensitive to treat a person with a disability. Why not be patient and let the man cross safely? It will not take forever to do so. I didn’t dare imagine how the blind man felt at that moment. It could have been awful. Blind pedestrians are always at risk on the perils while getting around on foot. These people would still want to maintain high-level of independence. However, if we will act in such manners that may be degrading for them, it will somehow shatter their confidence and not only that, there might also be a psychological effect on them. And we don’t want that to happen to them, I guess. Motorists should be aware of blind pedestrians and help them keep safe. They need the support from us for them to live a normal life. 

Anyhow, there are times that we really care less or we actually don’t give a damn about other things or of other people around us as we become so wrapped up in our own little world. We forget to even show a little kindness and compassion to people who are in an unfortunate situation. It is our human nature to conclude right away (just what I have done) but I hope that we pay more attention to what is happening around us and not drastically judge something we don’t clearly understand. Let us be concerned and be involved in making a difference. Let us influence one another in an uplifting manner. A small act of kindness to others will always bring positivity and joy. 


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.  – Mark Twain

The Journey to Becoming Debt-free


It is heartbreaking to think that after all these years I still haven’t successfully manage my finances. I still have some overdue debts and I’m still trying to pay them all off which in turn take up a hefty amount of my salary and what’s left isn’t enough to even cover our basic expenses at home.

It saddened me even more that I have to make a loan again just to make ends meet. This is absolutely dreadful. Every time I think of ways to overcome this sickening cycle of my life, I felt an overwhelming pressure boiling down inside me that I do not know what to do anymore. It is stressing me out and it is driving me nuts!

I have been applying some ways on how to deal with this but obviously, I am not successful in doing so. I am already considering of consulting a financial adviser to help me go through the root of this dilemma. I believe that a professional help can give me valuable insights to enable me to become debt-free. I know that it will not be a piece of cake but I think it will be worth the try.

Moreover, I need to do the initiative and look for numerous possibilities to resolve and surpass any difficulties in life. I always try to think positively but sometimes given the situation that I am in, I couldn’t help but feel helpless and hopeless at the same time. I am just trying to be brave so as not to lose my will to keep on trying. To keep on hoping that this will be over soon.

I hope and pray that this journey will not take forever.


“Debt is the worst poverty” – Thomas Fuller


A Father’s Day Gift


My older daughter who is now 16 years old is back home. She had been away from home for about 7 months. It was an awakening experience for her and now she had come to realize that there is no place like home and with her family. I hope that she really learned her lessons and will not drift off again from us. We are thankful that she is now with us again. Even though my husband is not very vocal about his feelings, I know that he is equally thankful of the turn of events. 

And as it was Father’s Day yesterday, my daughters had the chance to let their father know how grateful they are to him and that they love him no matter what. He may not be the perfect father but nonetheless, he is a good one.

While watching TV last night, I didn’t realize that I had already fallen asleep. I am supposed to cook for dinner but I wasn’t able to. When my daughters saw me sleeping peacefully on the couch, they took charge in the kitchen. They had prepared and cooked our dinner. It was also their way of treating their father for a simple yet scrumptious dish. I was surprised when they finally woke me up. The table was set and the food looked inviting that my stomach growled. We waited for their father to arrive and we all ate delightfully and had our fill. He complimented about the food and the girls were thrilled about it. It was a gift that was well received with appreciation and love.


“Above, children need our unconditional love, whether they succeed or make mistakes; when life is easy and when life is tough.”  -President Barack Obama